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Faculty Handbook

1.0 Opening Statement, Definitions, and Qualifications

1.1 Opening Statement

1.2 Definition of Faculty Status

1.3 Qualifications for Appointment to Rank

1.4 Academic Rank for Part-Time Faculty

2.0 Types of Contracts (See Appendix D)

2.1 Visiting Faculty

2.2 Part-Time Faculty

2.3 Probationary Contract

2.4 Tenured Contract

2.5 Instructor of Practice, Non-Tenurable Contract

3.0 Search and Appointment Procedures

3.1 Search Procedures

3.2 Advertisement

3.3 Screening Process

3.4 Interview Process

3.5 Final Selection

4.0 Personnel Records

4.1 Pre-Employment Records

4.2 Faculty Personnel File

4.3 Promotion and Tenure Records

5.0 Tenure Regulations

5.1 College Rank and Tenure Committee

5.2 Tenure

5.3 Probationary Period

5.4 Criteria for Tenure

5.5 Process for Mid-Probationary Review

5.6 Process for Tenure Review

6.0 Promotion Regulations

6.1 Definition of Promotion

6.2 Criteria for Promotion

6.3 Procedure for Application for Advancement in Rank

6.4 Faculty Emeritus Rank

7.0 Separation

7.1 Resignation

7.2 Retirement

7.3 Non-Reappointment

7.4 Termination of Service

7.5 Faculty Academic Grievance Procedure

8.0 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

8.1  Full-Time Instructional Faculty Rights

8.2  Full-Time Instructional Faculty Responsibilities

8.3 Academic Freedom

8.4 Professional Ethics

8.5 Professional Conduct

8.6 Faculty Use of College Name

9.0 Faculty Development

9.1 Sabbaticals

9.2 Grants

9.3 Course Release to Develop an External Grant Proposal or to Conduct Scholarly Research or to Develop Curriculum

9.4 Three-Day Schedules

9.5 Leaves of Absence

9.6 Travel Grants

9.7 Faculty Self-Assessment and Post-Tenure Review

10.0 Faculty Workload

10.1 Teaching Load

10.2 Overloads and Special Sessions

10.3 Maintenance of Schedule

10.4 Faculty Attendance

10.5 Class Rosters

10.6 Course Syllabus and Presentation

10.7 Student Attendance

10.8 Testing and Grading

10.9 Posting of Grades

10.10 Tutorials

10.11 Approval for Outside Employment

10.12 Non-Teaching Responsibilities

10.13 Service to the College

10.14 Academic Robes

11.0 Evaluation of Faculty Performance

11.1 Excellence in Teaching Committee

11.2 Department Evaluations

12.0 College Governance and the Faculty

12.1 College Committees

12.2 Departments

12.3 Department Chairs

Appendix A: 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure with 1970 Interpretive Comments

A.1 Introduction

A.2 Academic Freedom

A.3 Academic Tenure

A.4 1940 Interpretations

A.5 1970 Interpretive Comments

Appendix B: Statement of Professional Ethics

B.1. Introduction

B.2. The Statement

Appendix C: 1963 Standards for Notice of Non-Reappointment

C.1 Introduction

C.2 The Standards for Notice

Appendix D: Copy of Faculty Contract

Appendix E: Application for Tenure

I. Teaching

II. Scholarship

III. Service

IV. Mission

Appendix F: Application for Promotion to Associate Professor

I. Teaching

II. Scholarship

III. Service

IV. Mission

Appendix G: Combined Application for Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor





Appendix H: Application for Promotion to Full Professor

I. Teaching

II. Scholarship

III. Service

IV. Mission

Appendix I: Applications for Sabbatical, Grant, and Course Release for Development of an External Grant Proposal or to Conduct Scholarly Research or to Develop Curriculum

Sabbatical Application and Evaluation Form

Grant Application and Evaluation

Course Release for Development of External Grant Proposal

Course Release to Conduct Scholarly Research or to Develop Curriculum

Appendix J: Form for Self-Assessment of Tenured Faculty

Appendix K: Online Learning Policy

Appendix L: Policy on Fulbright Scholar Awards