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Student Employment

On campus employment helps students develop professional work skills that will be valuable throughout their careers. Working on campus helps develop communication, interpersonal, computer, and customer service skills, all of which are indispensable in today’s work place. Students who demonstrate a solid work history and have made connections with employers who can serve as references will be better prepared for the job search after graduation.

Below are the guidelines on how to find a job on campus and/or how to return to your previous job on campus. Please be aware of the policies and procedures detailed in these guidelines.

Student Employment Eligibility
To be eligible to work as an hourly student employee, a student must be an actively enrolled, full- or part-time undergraduate at the University of Mount Saint Vincent.

How do I apply for a position on campus?
You may apply for a position on campus by filling out the Student Employment Application. You must return the completed application, along with an updated resume and Title IX Certificate (from EVERFI) to the Office of Human Resources in Founders Hall 231, fax it to (718) 405-3205, or email a scanned copy to

Click here to obtain your EVERFI certificate.

View the Student Employment Positions list featuring the different on-campus positions and their responsibilities. Please note not all positions are currently available.

How many hours can I work?
Student employees may work a maximum of 12 hours per week during a regular semester and may work in only one Divisions of the College (i.e., Student Affairs, Academic Affairs).

However, students may combine hours in the divisions of Admission and Institutional Advancement in the following positions: Student Ambassadors, Tour Guides, and Dolphin Dialers. Students are only allowed a maximum of 12 hours for both positions.

Students working under a stipend position may also work an additional 12 hours in any other department as hourly student employees. Effective Fall 2015, Resident Assistants are no longer allowed to hold additional positions on campus.

During the winter and summer break, students are allowed to work a maximum of 19 hours per week.

Please Note: Student workers at the University of Mount Saint Vincent may also receive a departmental printing account for the PaperCut Print Management System. Printing from this account while at work will charge print jobs to the department instead of the individual student. If deemed necessary for the position, such an account must be requested by the student worker’s supervisor. Learn more about PaperCut.

What forms do I need to complete and how do I get paid?
Whether you are a new hire or a returning student worker, you will need to fill out the following forms and bring them to the Office of Human Resources in Founders Hall 113:

Forms for New Student Employees Forms for Returning Student Employees

You may not begin working until everything has been completed and you have been approved by the Office of Human Resources.

I would like to return to my previous job on campus. What should I do?
You should speak to your previous supervisor about returning to your former job.

I worked last semester and I am working again this semester. What do I need to fill out?
If you worked the previous Spring semester, you only need to fill out a Returning Student Hire Request Form, regardless of whether you are returning to the same position or not, and return it to the Office of Human Resources in Founders Hall 113. If you are returning to the same position from the Fall to Spring semester, you do not need to fill out any paperwork.

I’ve worked on campus before, but I did not work last semester. What paper work do I need to complete?
If you worked more than a semester ago, you will need to fill out the Returning Student Hire Request FormW-4, and Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (with a voided check or bank letter with your account information for direct deposit) and return them to the Office of Human Resources in Founders Hall 113.

How can I be successful at my job?
Supervisors will instruct students about work duties and expectations. You should also read Making Your On-Campus Job a Success and Phone Etiquette Tips.

Will I be evaluated?
At the end of the employment period, your supervisor will complete and share with you an evaluation form. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about your areas of strength and receive suggestions about areas of improvement.

For questions about student employment:
Contact the Office of Human Resources in Founders Hall 113, call (718) 405-3354, or email