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Withdrawal Policy for Non-Payment

In keeping with the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s commitment to affordability and student success, students also have a commitment: to complete all requirements to receive the financial aid they have been awarded (accepting loans, completing master promissory note, completing entrance counseling), and to pay, or make arrangements to pay, any anticipated outstanding balance for a semester, in advance of the start of classes.

If these requirements are not met, the College will withdraw students from classes at the start of a semester due to non-payment of tuition and fees. The withdrawal for non-payment process is intended to ensure students are able to fulfill their financial obligation to the College and succeed in their educational journey. Ensuring these arrangements are complete—before the start of classes—will allow students to focus on their coursework and campus life experiences, while avoiding disruptions to their education during the semester.

The College runs regular monitoring reports of students’ accounts and will notify students that they need to pay or make payment arrangements, or run the risk of being withdrawn from classes. All students must have one or more of the below options in place by the first day of classes. If a student still has a balance on their account, they will be withdrawn from their classes and residents will be required to move out of their residence hall.

Payment Options

How to avoid being dropped for non-payment:

  • Pay in Full
    • Pay online using the student Self-Service portal with payments by credit card, debit card, or electronic check.
    • Pay in person, on campus (Founders Hall, Room 223), with cash, check, or credit card.
    • Pay by mail via check or money order: University of Mount Saint Vincent, Attn: Student Accounts, 6301 Riverdale Avenue, Riverdale, NY 10471
  • Enroll in a Payment Plan (Nelnet Campus Commerce)
  • Student Health Insurance (Gallagher)
    • Student Health Insurance charges from your bill will be removed only after you waive the College-sponsored plan. Go to for more information. There you will be directed to to fill out the waiver form. You will receive an email once you have successfully submitted your waiver request. Your plan will be reviewed to ensure that it is a comparable plan. You will then receive a second email approving or denying your waiver.
  • Accept Direct Loans
    • Login to the Self-Service portal, navigate to the financial aid tab, and accept the loan(s).
    • If you are missing entrance counseling and need to sign the master promissory note for your student loans, go to It can take up to three days for your account to reflect aid you have accepted or requirements you fulfilled.
  • Apply for a Parent Plus Loan or for a Grad Plus Loan (graduate level only)
    • Parents who have applied for a Parent PLUS loan ( must also complete a master promissory note and entrance counseling. It can take up to two weeks to process and reflect on your account.
    • If you experience problems with the online PLUS application, call Direct Loan Applicant Services at 1-800-557-7394 for assistance.
      • For the Parent Plus Loan, the parent must sign in with his/her personal information and FSA ID.
  • Apply for an Alternative Loan
    • Students can select from a variety of private loan options that can be found by visiting FastChoice.
    • Please note: Loan approvals happen fairly quickly and students must have confirmation of an approved loan in place by the bill due date.

If a student is in the process of applying for loans or other forms of financial aid, but they are not yet approved, the student must enroll in a payment plan by the first day of classes. Once these financial aid mechanisms are approved, the payment plan will be reduced or wiped away completely depending on the funding a student is approved to receive through loans or other forms of financial aid.

If a student enrolls at the College during the first week of the semester/term, they must enroll in a payment plan prior to receiving their schedule. Financial aid and loans will be added to the student’s account as the requirements for each are completed.  Typically, the various forms of financial aid will only cover a portion of a student’s bill—a secondary payment option will be required to be in place to cover the entire amount of the bill by the first day of classes.

If a student is withdrawn from classes due to non-payment, but completes their financial responsibilities to re-enroll in classes during the Add/Drop period, the student will be assessed a reinstatement fee of $75.

You may check the status of your student account at any time via the student Self-Service portal. For additional information, please review our Financial Aid and Student Accounts FAQs.