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Campus Safety and Security

The University of Mount Saint Vincent is in the North Riverdale neighborhood of New York City. We have a 24-hour security booth at the entrance of the campus, and we provide a safe and comfortable environment for our resident and commuter students. Riverdale offers students the best of both worlds—we are just 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan, on a scenic 70-acre campus of rolling lawns and wooded hills overlooking the Hudson River.

The safety and security of all people, property, and programs on the campus of the University of Mount Saint Vincent is the top priority of the Office of Campus Safety and Security.

Campus Safety and Security coordinates this effort with various campus offices to provide a safe and healthy environment for all members of the College community so they can feel secure and free to pursue their academic activities within a safe and civil environment.

Throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, the Security Department has been instrumental in assuring the safety of our campus community. Each day our officers at the Main Gate screen everyone coming onto campus (whether walking in or in vehicles), requiring them to answer the necessary questions to ensure that they are not ill with the virus or have been exposed to it. In cases where there is a concern regarding the health of an individual coming on to campus, Security will prohibit such persons from entering the campus and provide direction regarding what they must do, before being allowed to enter.

While students were attending courses in classrooms (prior to online attendance) Security was  posted in all resident halls each weekday and screened students, making sure they answered the necessary questions regarding their health, prior to attending classes and walking throughout the campus.

Security has been instrumental in directing and advising our campus community to practice safe social distancing and the wearing of masks. The Security Department has provided masks to members of the campus community who may need them.


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