Clubs and Organizations

Whatever your interest—journalism, creative writing, acting, art, dance, cultural awareness, athletics, community service, the environment, and more—there is a club for you. Students are encouraged to become involved in a wide variety of sports, academic, and theme-related clubs.

Accounting Club
Is a co-curricular group on campus, not just for accounting and business majors.

Promotes discussion about religious studies topics through lectures and campus events.

Anime and Video Game Club
Is dedicated to students whom are interested in video games, anime, and games of all kind.

Black Student Union
This club is meant to educate, promote unity, business networking, entrepreneurial encouragement, and community development at the Mount.

Board of Programmers (BOP)
Is a subsection of the Student Government Association that provides programming to the College community.

Caribbean Student Association (CSA)
Celebrates the Mount’s students of Caribbean descent through programming around campus.

CMSV Players
Are the Mount’s students with theatrical and musical talent who perform a variety of plays throughout the year, including a main-stage show, along with numerous other performances.

CMSV Seekers
The club focuses on the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical needs of the student body. They participate in voluntary outreach (i.e. blood drives) and encourage those who need support.

Dolphin Dolls
Is a hip-hop dance group that performs throughout the year.

Environmental Club
This group focuses on the issues affecting the world’s environment today through programming, lectures, and guest speakers.

Family of Multicultural Awareness (FMCA)
Provides the College community with opportunities to create a more unified experience through social events, educational, and cultural programming.

Fatal Attraction
Is a campus group who focuses on step culture, but is open to all forms of dance.

Finance Club
Is a co-curricular club dedicated to finance majors, but all are welcome.

FLAVA Dance Club
FLAVA is one of the oldest dance clubs at the Mount and focuses on the hip hop genre. They perform during major campus events throughout the year and host their own campus-wide programming for the Mount community, such as their annual Escapades.

Flawless is a magazine created and designed by students, illustrating how to look great on a college budget.

Flow provides a venue for students interested in poetry, the spoken word, and performing to express themselves onstage. Flow hosts open mic nights several times each semester.

History Club
Is a co-curricular organization to all students, not just history majors.

Make a Difference (MAD)
Make a Difference is dedicated to volunteering on and off campus through charitable and philanthropic events, including Hurricane Sandy Relief, Breast Cancer Walks, and Relay for Life. The members of MAD gain skills, knowledge, and the satisfaction of helping others while making the most out of their college experience and paving the path to a successful future.

Model United Nations (UN)
Is a forum for addressing global concerns in a real-world context. Students attend conferences that address important issues including regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, the environment, and more.

A Moment of Magic Foundation
Is an organization that allows college-age students to volunteer at pediatric hospitals and schools dressed as princesses. Previously known at The Princess Project, A Moment of Magic Foundation has been named a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of the group is to re-deliver the magic of believing at a time when children need to “just be a kid,” and remind them to be brave, strong, and fearless.

Mount MDs
This pre-health professional club guides students interested in pursuing careers in health. It provides students with guidance regarding the requirements for admission to health professional schools, as well as information on the various health professions.

Mount Media
Mount Media is open to all students interested in the media. It hosts various radio and television shows that stream online and on CMSV’s television channel. The programs featured on the channel include news talk shows, entertainment, and sports broadcasting.

Mount Times
As the official student newspaper, the Mount Times provides the campus with up-to-date news about everything that is happening within, and a little beyond, the CMSV community.

Music Society
Cultivates an environment for musical expression and appreciation, offering students the opportunity to express their musical talents and continue their study of music. The group hosts events to promote school spirit and raises funds for charity.

Pet, Animal, and Wildlife Support (PAWS) focuses on helping and supporting animals and wildlife. Members volunteer at local animal shelters, bring therapeutic dogs on campus, and spread awareness across the Mount community.

Psychology Club
This co-curricular academic club organizes guest speakers, graduate forums, internship advising, movie nights relevant to psychology topics, and hosts other psychology-related events.

RAW Fashion
CMSV’s first fashion club focuses on analyzing and critiquing the newest styles and trends on the market. They host an annual fashion show each year.

SAMAHAN celebrates the Filipino heritage, but is open to all Mount students. Projects and events have both social and educational value, focusing on Filipino roots. They are also comprised of a dance team called Filiment, which performs during various campus events and competes in the campus-wide dance competition.

Same Love
Same Love focuses on making all students feel at home at the Mount. Same Love hosts programs, discussions, and events to promote and support equality for the entire College of Mount Saint Vincent community.

Science Club
The Science Club promotes interest and scholarship in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, and all sciences to educate its members and the College community, and occasionally travels to present at national conferences.

Sociology Club
Is a co-curricular club dedicated to sociology majors, but all are welcome.

Student Government Association (SGA)
SGA provides student participation and involvement through wide representation to promote personal and community responsibility and to foster and project a sense of community among undergraduates, faculty, staff, and administration.

Student Nursing Association (SNA)
SNA educates and enriches the knowledge of those interested in the field of nursing. The group learns about professionalism and social settings, and how to maintain the academic standards set by the nursing faculty.

Sport Business Club
This club is great for all students interested in the business behind the sports and athletic world. It is open to all Mount students and will enhance knowledge of the field through different workshops and lectures.

The Underground
The Underground literary magazine provides students and staff of the Mount with an outlet for their creativity, in the forms of short fiction, poetry, and photography.

Visual Arts
Is a co-curricular club dedicated to the visual arts.

Women’s Studies Club
The Women’s Studies Club promotes the discussion and exploration of gender issues in a more public forum, and allows an open conversation of gender-related events and issue happening in our global community.

This dance club expresses many forms of dance, including jazz, hip hop, cultural, lyrical, and contemporary. WORDS is also comprised of vocal performers and a hip hop group, the Dolphin Dolls.