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Clubs and Organizations

Whatever your interest—acting, art, dance, cultural awareness, athletics, community service, environmentalism, and more—there is a club for you. Students are encouraged to get involved and explore their passions outside the classroom.

All full-time, undergraduate Mount Saint Vincent students in good standing are invited to become members of all CMSV club or organization.

All CMSV clubs and organizations support the College’s non-discrimination policy. Individual clubs or organizations may have additional requirements for continued membership, such as attendance at meetings, participation in programs, or service hours.

Academic and Pre-Professional

Honors Club is committed to integrating all members of the University of Mount Saint Vincent student body through events that promote service, knowledge, truth, diversity and fun. By hosting these events, their goal is for students to be more involved in campus affairs, channel in their inner creativity, and make the most out of their Mount experience.

Model United Nations is a forum for students interested in debate, research, and global issues. It serves as a platform for addressing global concerns in a real-world context. Learn more

Mount MDs is dedicated to bringing the Science Hall together and sharing opportunities that lead to a path of excellence in their desired future field. Mount MDs encircles our future Physicians, Physician Assistants, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Dentists, Pharmacists, and Veterinarians. Mount MDs focus on spreading information on shadowing, summer internships, volunteering opportunities, resume building, and guiding undergraduates in applying to their desired field.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Club provides Mount students interested in occupational therapy with opportunities to build relationships with students, faculty, alumni, and professionals. They support, encourage, and educate students interested in this field of study and bring awareness to the diversity of occupational therapy.

Science Club is an academic and social organization for members in the Division of Natural Sciences at the University of Mount Saint Vincent. They take pride in their ability to aid their fellow peers to work together towards brighter futures, stemming from their varying backgrounds, through academic workshops, volunteer opportunities, and the mentor program.

Student Nurses Association (S.N.A.) is an on-campus association that emphasizes the quality care of the common good to enhance the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s nursing students to perform at their highest potential. Together with the values of promoting health, healing, and hope in response to the human condition, S.N.A. strives to bring out the integrity in each person. As future RN’s, they feel that they must commit to performing activities of daily living with hard work, dedication, and passion.

Campus Life

Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.) is a collaborative organization that focuses on providing exciting, diverse, high-quality, large-scaled events and activities for the student population. C.A.B. works diligently as a team to make sure all events are successful and has a positive impact on the campus community.

Student Government Association (S.G.A.) allows students to participate and promote personal and community responsibility, fostering a sense of community among undergraduates, faculty, staff, and administration. S.G.A. provides an opportunity for all students to become involved in the governance of the College.

Community Outreach and Social Justice

A Moment of Magic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides medically vulnerable children with creative programming, outlets, and support to foster imagination, friendship, and hope through our college-student volunteers.

Best Buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting social inclusion and acceptance of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), establishing a volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development.

Club L.O.V.E. (Learn Overcome Vocalize Encourage) normalizes conversations about sexual and domestic violence prevention and creating unhealthy relationships. Club L.O.V.E also creates a safe space for students to learn about sexual assault and domestic violence and they encourage members to uplift each other as emerging leaders who want to make a difference regarding sexual and domestic violence prevention. They give those who may or may not be survivors a chance to learn healing mechanisms, how to love themselves, and how to improve their mental health.

Cultural Organizations

Black Student Union (B.S.U.) is a social and cultural club that educates and spreads awareness about African American history and embraces the diverse Mount student body. B.S.U. hosts events like ethnicity photoshoots, trips to the Schomburg Center, and more. B.S.U. also focuses on both the social and educational components of black history and is eager to share it with more students. This club advocates for the student body, the community outside of our campus, those who can’t speak for themselves, and hopes that others join in the crusade towards social justice and equality.

Caribbean Student Association (C.S.A.) encourages and promotes positive Caribbean cultural exchange. C.S.A. works to foster social and intellectual interaction amongst the students within the student body.

SAMAHAN celebrates Filipino heritage through projects and events that have both social and educational value. The group focused on Filipino roots and they host traditional events each year, including their SAMAHAN Christmas Dinner and Barrio Festival. The group is open to all University of Mount Saint Vincent students.

Media and Publications

Through the Lens is a photography club that intends to encourage Mount students to develop sharpened observational skills in order to capture captivating photos. Through the Lens uses the lens of their cameras as a medium to tell stories, communicate ideas, and share a love of photography with all.

Communications, Visual Arts, and Performing Groups

CMSV Players are the Mount’s very own actors and actresses. They perform throughout the academic year and host an annual main-stage show, along with numerous other acts.

Creative HeArts is a fine arts club that seeks to apply creativity and art to the student body, help students further discover themselves through art, and fuses the use of art with self-care.

Dolphin Dolls is a dance team that prides themselves on sisterhood. They are a team that showcases their talents, intelligence and confidence.

Fatal Attraction is a campus group who focuses on stepping culture, but is open to all forms of dance.

Filiment Dance Troupe is a dance group rooted in hip hop, the Filipino culture, and the unification of the dance community. As the only non-audition team on campus, they see dance as a form of expression and solidarity. Filiment’s goal is to exemplify their motto: students first, dancers second, family always.

FLAVA is the oldest dance team on campus that is known for being family oriented and energetic. FLAVA engages in different dance styles such as hip hop, afro beats, voguing and more.

Full Monty is a club that works to build and boost the confidence of students in a free, non-judgemental space. They create sessions of expression and work to further the careers of hopeful individuals interested in the music industry.

RAW Fashion (Reinventing All Wear) is a fashion design club that encourages expression, confidence, and inner beauty through modeling and design. The club also hosts an annual fashion show, which highlights the diversity and uniqueness of New York City’s fashion industry and features various NYC designers. RAW’s goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin despite obstacles they may face.

Threads is a fashion design club joining creative students and accelerating their knowledge of fashion design and basic sewing techniques through culturally enriching processes.

WORDS Performance Company composed of talented vocalists and spoken word artists who embody the spirit of true talent and dedication to our respective crafts. WORDS also hosts some of the biggest shows of the school year like Fall Show and Christmas Show. They introduce an intimate and unique sense of community between our own members and fellow Dolphins!

Recreation and Wellness

Anime and Video Game Club is an organization that gives Mount students the opportunity to meet weekly in a friendly environment and form a common bond over anime and/or video games.

Cheerleading highlights ‘Phin Pride through performances at various athletic and community events.

Chess Mates Club gives students the opportunity to learn how to play chess and master their skills outside of the classroom.

Track Club learns about and participates in track and field related events. They seek to teach students all the different types of events in track and field. They also seek to learn about & teach the ways of healthy living and engaging in healthy habits.

What’s Cooking? is a culinary club that spreads knowledge of food through demonstration and exploration of international cooking styles.

Spiritual Organizations

Angelicum seeks to foster understanding and intellectual discussion about religious studies and philosophical topics of student interest through lectures and other campus events. This club wishes to serve the vision of the College as a community of learners and critical thinkers.

CMSV Seekers is a group available to the campus community to meet spiritual, intellectual, and social needs. Their mission is to encourage those who are in search for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and to be a place of refuge for those who are burdened down by storms of life. (Isaiah 61)