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Computer Use/Appropriate Use and Policy Agreement

While the University of Mount Saint Vincent will do its best to provide to individual users who adhere to standards below, secure and confidential access to its technological resources, it cannot guarantee privacy.

Users should consider that any data or communication may, due to circumstances beyond the College’s control, become public. All users have the responsibility to use the computer resources in an ethical and lawful manner consistent with the rules and regulations of the College. The standards of common decency which apply to the use of any public facility at the College, also apply to the use of computer resources.

The following provisions govern the use of all College computing facilities and apply to students, faculty, staff, and administrators:

  • Users who redistribute software may break the College’s agreements with software suppliers as well as applicable federal copyright laws. Therefore, copying or transmitting computer software or documentation without appropriate authorization is prohibited.
  • Users are responsible for the usage of their computer accounts. They should maintain secure passwords for the network and take precautions against others obtaining access to their computer resources.
  • Reading another user’s files is a violation of privacy similar to reading papers on someone’s desk. Reading unprotected files is rude; reading protected files, however it is accomplished, is considered the same as breaking and entering.
  • Users must not attempt to modify system facilities.
  • Users should minimize the impact of their work on the work of other users. Users should not attempt to encroach on the resources of other users or deprive others of resources. For example, users should not stream high definition video when resources are needed for College-related activities.
  • E-mail and other College-owned communication resources are not to be used for transmission of commercial or personal advertisements, solicitations, promotions, or destructive programs i.e. all College-owned computer technology is intended and provided for College-related business only. Users should expect no privacy.
  • Harassment is prohibited in the electronic environment and includes but is not limited to using foul language, promoting and sending chain letters, sending programs (viruses) which will do damage to another user’s account or to the network.
  • Sharing one’s username and/or password is a violation of this policy.
  • Use of a router constitutes a violation of this policy.

Overall, users should be respectful and responsible as is appropriate to the mission of the College. Violation of the College’s computer use policy and/or misuse of college computing systems, hardware or software or other college-owned technologies are cause for disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.