Employment Practices and Procedures

Employee Manual

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Employment Policies and Practices of the College
3.0 Active Employee Compensation
4.0 General Protocols and Procedures
5.0 Time Off from Work
6.0 Other Available Services
7.0 Other Conditions, Expectations, or Prohibitions
8.0 Sexual Misconduct Policy
9.0 The End of the Employment Relationship
10.0 Staff Addendum
11.0 Administrators Addendum
12.0 Security Addendum

Faculty Handbook

1.0 Opening Statement, Definitions, and Qualifications
2.0 Types of Contracts (See Appendix D)
3.0 Search and Appointment Procedures
4.0 Personnel Records
5.0 Tenure Regulations
6.0 Promotion Regulations
7.0 Separation
8.0 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
9.0 Faculty Development
10.0 Faculty Workload
11.0 Evaluation of Faculty Performance
12.0 College Governance and the Faculty
Appendix A: 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure with 1970 Interpretive Comments
Appendix B: Statement of Professional Ethics
Appendix C: 1963 Standards for Notice of Non-Reappointment
Appendix D: Copy of Faculty Contract
Appendix E: Application for Tenure
Appendix F: Application for Promotion to Associate Professor
Appendix G: Application for Promotion to Full Professor
Appendix H: Applications for Sabbatical, Grant, and Course Forgiveness for Development of a Grant Proposal or to Conduct Scholarly Research
Appendix I: Form for Self-Assessment of Tenured Faculty


College of Mount Saint Vincent’s New York Health and Essential Rights Act Plan

Title IX

Sexual Misconduct Policy
Student Code of Conduct Procedures
What You Can Do If You Have Experienced Sexual Misconduct