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The College of Mount Saint Vincent welcomes transfer students—defined as those who have graduated from high school and completed some college-level coursework, either at a community college or at another college or university. If this description fits your situation, be assured that the Mount is committed to working with you throughout the process. We will help you define the opportunities that exist, determine which of your credits transfer, and outline what you will need to complete your application.

Transfer Credit Policy

Students who wish to transfer credits from community or other four-year colleges should apply for admission with advanced standing, for either the Fall or Spring semester. All transfer applicants must have earned a grade point average of 2.0 or better in their college-level work.

Transfer Credit

Candidates from community colleges may be granted a maximum of 65 transfer credits; candidates from four-year institutions, a maximum of 75 transfer credits. All accepted students must earn a minimum of 45 credits for a B.A. degree and 51 credits for a B.S. degree at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, in regularly scheduled college classes, in order to be eligible for a College of Mount Saint Vincent baccalaureate degree.

Transcripts will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Any course that parallels an offering of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and in which the candidate has received a grade of C or better, will be accepted in transfer. Courses of a purely technical nature, such as typing or shorthand, as well as credits earned in clinical nursing at another college, will not be accepted in transfer. Transfer of credit earned at any time will be accepted except where technology, new research, or other factors have significantly changed the content or required skills of a course.

At any time, the College reserves the right to require assessment and to mandate appropriate placement into courses considered essential for satisfactory academic progress. Prior to registration, students will be offered the opportunity to take a writing test that will allow them to demonstrate their writing ability. If proficiency in both Information Literacy (as defined by the College’s accrediting agency) and college-level writing skills are not evident, they will be required to enroll in the designated core writing skills course, ENGL 120 Writing in Context. Students may receive elective transfer credits for comparable writing courses.

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