Conditional Admission

International students applying to the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s undergraduate programs must demonstrate sufficient mastery of English, both oral and written, at a level appropriate for academic studies at a U.S. college or university.

This requirement can be met by providing the College of Mount Saint Vincent with an official score on the TOEFL exam, on the IELTS exam, the GTEC CBT exam, or on the SAT exam. The minimum acceptable score on the IELTS is 6.5, for TOEFL it is 70 (internet based), and for the GTEC CBT it is 1100.

Applicants whose scores are below these minimum requirements, but otherwise fulfill all of the other requirements for admission, may be granted “conditional admission” into a program of undergraduate studies at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Students who have been granted conditional admission must successfully complete a program of English Language training at our partner school ELS Language Centers. An ELS Center is located on the Riverdale campus and offers many programs to help international students achieve English language fluency.

A student’s language skills are assessed on entry to the program and the student is placed in the appropriate level of English Language study. The length of time required for reaching a satisfactory level of competency varies with each student, and the level on which the student was placed after assessment. ESL training is structured as a series of intensive one-month modules and are offered year-round. Students enrolled in an English language training program will reside on campus while they attend language training classes full-time.

Upon satisfying the English requirements, the student can enroll in academic coursework at the Mount. The following table outlines the test scores earned and requirements.

Score on TOEFL (iBT) Score on IELTS Score on GTEC CBT Conditional Requirement
80 or higher 6.5 or higher 1100 or higher Satisfied English requirement. No condition required
Greater or equal to 60
but less than 80
Greater or equal to 6.0
but less than 6.5
Partially satisfied English requirement but will register for English 100
Below 60 Below 6.0 Has not satisfied the English requirement. Will enroll in the ELS program

Students enrolled in an ELS program will reside on campus while attending language training classes full-time. The fee for the Conditionally Accepted English Language Program is $3,975 per session. Learn more about ELS Language Centers.