International Student FAQs

Can I receive financial aid as an international student?
Yes. International students are reviewed for merit-based scholarships in the same way that domestic applicants are. Scholarships are awarded based on a students academic achievement at the time of admission.

Do I need to submit test scores?
Yes. All first-year international students who apply to the Mount must submit test scores of some kind. Transfer international students from countries in which the official language is not English, must submit a test score to evaluate their English proficiency. Students may submit scores from a number of exams, namely, the SAT or ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, GTECH CBT, or Pearson PTE.

How do I get my I-20 form to obtain my visa?
First, you must be admitted to the College. Once you have been accepted, bank statement(s) are required for review to detail the source(s) you intend to utilize to pay for any remaining balance of the annual cost of attendance for you education at the Mount. Provided bank statements are valid and provide ample funding, an I-20 will then be created by the Office of Admission and sent to your exact mailing address, with other important documents to help you through the F-1 Visa process, via FedEx.

Is there housing available on the Riverdale campus?
Yes. Unlike many colleges and universities in the United States, the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s student housing and meal plans are available 365 days a year for international students.

What is the ELS Program?
If you have been advised to attend the ELS program on campus, you must apply to their program to begin your intensive English Language Program. Learn more about our ELS Center.