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Studying accounting, business, and economics not only prepares students for global leadership positions across industries, but offers unparalleled opportunity for students across New York City. Just minutes from Manhattan, the University provides undergraduate and graduate students with the support and preparation to gain internships, apprenticeships, and employment at many of the nation’s top businesses, corporations, and organizations. Explore these opportunities and see how our graduates to secure leadership positions as business analysts, human resources generalists, operations managers, marketing specialists, and entrepreneurs.


The field of psychology applies the methods of science to help understand some of the most important aspects of the human experience. At the Mount, a degree in psychology contributes to a myriad of life and social skills: it helps us understand ourselves, other people, and the world around us; it fosters the development of sound analytical skills and scientific method; and it builds better communicators, collaborators, and leaders. Explore the ongoing investigations into the psychological phenomenon and its contributions to a vibrant learning environment both in and out of the classroom.


Communication students advance their understanding of theoretical, critical, and historical approaches, and demonstrate the ability to think analytically about issues in media studies and human communication. Learn about how the major is tailored to a student’s interests, strengths, and motivations, with offerings in advertising and social media, video production and postproduction, public relations and event planning, media writing, communication design, sports media, health and environmental communication, performance studies, and interpersonal and intercultural communication.

Modern Languages and Literatures

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a variety of modern languages, literatures, and their cultures? The foundational courses we offer teach students to comprehend, read, write, and speak effectively in a another language, while the advanced courses help students begin to think across cultures and critically analyze major literary texts and other cultural productions. Learn more about how studying modern languages will offer you a greater awareness and appreciation of diverse people and cultures and a greater sensitivity towards the world today.


The Department of English‘s mission is to foster knowledge of English and American literature in historical context and to develop the skills necessary to engage in lively, informed debate and discourse in both oral and written communication. The department is also home to a vibrant and thriving community of student writers, who contribute to publications, both on and off campus. Learn more about how studying English provides opportunities to engage in critical thinking, research, analysis, and ethical inquiry, thus helping students build the lifelong skills necessary to becoming active and ethical readers, thinkers, and citizens.

Natural Sciences

The Division of Natural Sciences prepares students for a variety of careers in healthcare, research, and education. Students apply their understanding of the scientific method by performing scientific experiments, evaluating peer-reviewed research, interpreting quantitative analysis of data, and learning how to use equipment in the lab and in fieldwork. Learn about how our students are encouraged to follow their curiosity and develop an appreciation for science, the interrelatedness of scientific fields from the atomic to the cosmic, and the place of humans in the natural world.


Nursing prepares Mount students to become professional nurses who use critical thinking skills to address the complex health-related problems of a diverse population across the lifespan. Learn more about our nationally recognized nursing program, which trains students to provide competent, effective, and evidence-based nursing care, contributing to safe and high-quality outcomes at the nation’s top hospitals.


Sociology students at the Mount are prepared to think critically about issues of social life experience, to develop the ability to interpret and evaluate data and information in orderly fashion, and to employ a focused approach to listening, oral communication, observing, and critical, analytic writing. Explore our sociology major, which focuses substantively on questions of international inequality; crime, justice, and injustice; social service and public policy; urban life and urban planning; political economy; and media and popular culture.


Are you interested in learning how past events have shaped the world in which we live, and how different cultural, political, religious, and social groups have formed and interacted—from the ancient world to the present? Explore our history program—comprised of a range of exciting, cutting-edge courses in American, European, and global history—which provides students the opportunity to master academic skills essential to professional life, including analytical writing, information literacy, complex research methodologies, critical assessment, and public speaking.

Math and Data Analytics

The study of mathematics is complex and far-ranging, enabling students to progress from a procedural, computational understanding of mathematics to a broad understanding that can encompass logical reasoning, generalization, abstraction, and proof. Explore math and data analytics at the Mount, which not only educates all students in quantitative reasoning and rigorous deduction, but allows students to learn how to analyze data carefully and communicate results and conclusions effectively—skills that can be adapted to any career path.


Still undecided? Not to worry! We’re here to show you how you can find the right major at the Right Place on the River! Learn about the Oxley Integrated Advising Program, our advisors, and our various student support services to see how we prioritize student success, helping you explore potential career paths, secure internship opportunities, and much more.