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Athletic Hall of Fame

The University of Mount Saint Vincent Athletic Hall of Fame was created to honor those who have made significant contributions to the University through the field of athletics. The Hall of Fame is run in conjunction with the Office of Alumnae/i Relations and Giving. Anyone can make nominations to the Athletic Hall of Fame.

The 2023 Hall of Fame Induction and Dinner was held Saturday, November 11, 2023.

All nominations must be received prior to the deadline. No nominations will be accepted after this date. Please provide two legible copies of your nomination packet for submission to the Committee or make your submission online form. Please see the nomination guidelines below. The selection meeting of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will take place as outlined by the chairperson of the committee.


Membership in the Athletic Hall of Fame is gained through election by the Hall of Fame Committee and is open to individuals who fall under one or more of the following non-exclusive categories:

  1. Alumnae/i who, as academically-qualified students, participated in the University’s athletic program and received a degree at least five (5) or more years prior to his or her candidacy.
  2. Athletic directors, coaches and athletic staff preferably those with at least five (5) and ideally ten (10) years of service to the University.
  3. Friends and alumni of the University who have regularly enhanced interest in, and the success of, Mount Saint Vincent athletics as reflected by their career body of work.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Using the online nomination form, a biographical profile should be submitted prior to the deadline. This profile should be concise and contain only as much relevant information about the nominee’s athletic contribution. The length of the nomination packet does not always equate to the strongest nomination.
  2. The selection of inductees will take place after sufficient discussion has taken place at the behest of the chairperson. At the conclusion of these statements, committee members will select current year’s inductees by closed ballot.
  3. Each non-inductee will remain in consideration for a period of no more than three (3) years. If, at the end of three years, a nominee has not been inducted, he/she can be renominated. There is no limit on how many times a person can be nominated.




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