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About GetFive

GetFive was originally known as The Five O’Clock Club.

In the 1880s, while the rest of the world was discussing mustache fashion, businessmen in Philadelphia were establishing a reputable members-only club that brought together prominent members of the community to share cognac and cigars while they traded ideas and supported one another’s endeavors. As the original club charter says, it was all “in a spirit of fellowship and good humor.” The original Five O’Clock Club members clearly intended to have a good time while navigating their business lives.

Fast forwarding to the 1980s, this group became the inspiration for our original name. Our 5-Step Method, 30 years in the making, is as solid and innovative as ever—but it’s all for one purpose, much like the original 19th century club: to move our clients’ careers forward and support them every step of the way.

The Mount has an alumnae/i career services partnership just for YOU! There is a wealth of resources available at free of charge!

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