Meet the Mount

All Dreams Welcome

Mount Made: Picture Yourself Here

  • Kathy Benitez

    Kathy Benitez ’16

    Major: Psychology
    Hometown: Elmsford, N.Y.
    Title: Bilingual School Psychologist | NYC Department of Education
    Graduate Degree: M.S.Ed. | Long Island University

  • Renee Rivas

    Renee Rivas ’08

    Major: English
    Hometown: Bergenfield, N.J.
    Title: Attorney | Law Offices of James H. Rohlfing
    Graduate Degree: J.D. | New York Law School

  • Ciara Rosa

    Ciara Rosa ’15

    Major: Communication
    Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
    Title: U.S. Marketing Manager | FT Live

  • Armando Cataldi

    Armando Cataldi ’14

    Major: Communication
    Hometown: Long Beach, N.Y.
    Title: Production Coordinator | Daily Mail TV

  • Divine Tabios

    Divine Tabios ’04

    Major: Communication
    Hometown: Staten Island, N.Y.
    Title: Senior Director of Development | Rutgers University, School of Arts and Sciences