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5.0 College Policies and Procedures

5.1 Academic Honesty

5.2 Academic Grievance Procedure

5.3 Class Attendance

5.4 Campus Events

5.5 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

5.6 Fundraising and Soliciting
As a rule, to protect students’ privacy, soliciting is not permitted on the campus, in the residence halls or in any campus buildings by outside organizations.  On campus organizations must obtain permission of the appropriate Student Affairs administrator.

If a CMSV group or organization is seeking to fundraise or solicit outside of the campus and plans to use the name of the College, authorization must always be obtained by Dean of Students and Director for Development.

5.7 ID Cards
All students are required to possess and carry a valid CMSV ID card. Students are required to show it when requested by any College official. ID cards are issued in the Dean of Students Office.  There is no charge for first-time, new students.  There is a $25 fee per replacement card payable in the Office of Student Accounts.

The ID card is required for students to enter residence halls, the Peter J Sharp Center, Computer Labs, Alumnae Pavilion Student Center, to access their meal plans, utilize printers/copiers and to use the Library.  They are also valuable in obtaining other discounts on and off campus.

5.8 Medical Amnesty Policy
In case of a medical emergency (intoxication, overdose, etc.), the primary concern is for the health and safety of the individual(s) at risk. Students are strongly encouraged to call for medical assistance for themselves, friends or acquaintances who are dangerously intoxicated.

Students who seek emergency medical related to consumption of drugs or alcohol will not be charged with violations of the College’s Code of Conduct related to that consumption.  This is provided that the student meets with the appropriate College official, subsequently completes the recommended appropriate educational program and any recommended treatment at the College’s Counseling Center or externally within a reasonable time frame to be determined by the College. Failure to complete these actions may result in student conduct charges being filed against the student.

This policy applies only to those students who seek emergency medical assistance in connection with an alcohol or drug-related medical emergency and does not apply to individuals experiencing an alcohol or drug-related medical emergency who are found by College employees such as the Security or Residence Life staff.

The College’s Medical Amnesty Policy is not intended to shield or protect those students or organizations that repeatedly violate the Code of Conduct. In cases where repeated violations of the College’s Code of Conduct occur, the College reserves the right to take student conduct action on a case by case basis regardless of the manner in which the incident was reported. Additionally the College reserves the right to adjudicate any case in which the violations are egregious.

The College reserves the right to contact any student to discuss an incident whether or not the College’s Medical Amnesty Policy is in effect. This policy only provides amnesty from violations of the College’s Code of Conduct. It does not grant amnesty for criminal, civil, or legal consequences for violations of Federal, State, or Local law.

5.9 Off Campus Behavior
For the protection of students, to assist in the protection of public order, and to uphold the good name of the University of Mount Saint Vincent, the College reserves the right to investigate and subsequently apply the College’s student conduct process to certain off campus situations which impact the College community.

The College holds its students to its own code of conduct both on and off campus.  It does not, by that fact, intend to place itself in an enforcement role in off campus situations.  Each student must assume full responsibility for his/her own compliance with all city, state and federal laws and the College’s Code of Conduct.  However, when it is brought to the attention of the College that a student of the College has allegedly engaged in activity that violates its own Code of Conduct or city, state or federal laws, it will, under certain circumstances, take appropriate disciplinary action.  This is particularly relevant to behavior which may affect the local neighborhood and the College community.

The College will also cooperate with state and local law enforcement agencies and local authorities to develop strategies to reduce illegal student behavior, particularly regarding use of alcohol and drugs.

5.10    Billing Deadlines and Refund Policy

5.11    Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Policy

5.12 Public Relations
All College news, including news of extracurricular student events and photographs, is to be sent to the outside press only through the Office of Public Relations.

5.13 School Closing
When the College must close due to inclement weather or other unforeseen reasons, that information will be communicated in the following ways: College website, DolphinNet e-mail, Send Word Now.

5.14 Speakers Policy
The University of Mount Saint Vincent offers a forum to speakers and lecturers whose knowledge and insights will enrich the intellectual and cultural life on campus and in the community beyond the campus.  The selection and invitation of guest speakers presupposes in the students the responsibility for free and open inquiry, just and honest investigation and a concomitant critical, impartial appraisal.  It is their obligation, also, to respect the educational goals of the College and to safeguard its good name.  Thus, the time and place of the lecture, the nature of the audience and the purpose of the speaker are relevant considerations.  The College welcomes the selection and invitation of speakers and lecturers of varying backgrounds and allegiances; it encourages the academic and scientific discussion of divergent and even hostile views. Speakers invited to the College must be sponsored by a recognized group i.e. department or a club. The College reserves the right to decide on the exclusion of speakers and lecturers whose views or whose presence on campus is not in harmony with its stated aims or purposes.  It is understood, of course, that the opinions of speakers are not necessarily endorsed by the College, by the sponsoring organization or by any College official. The College will not tolerate any action by individuals or groups to prevent speakers invited to the campus from speaking.

5.15 Course Changes and Withdrawal Policy