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Graduation Portraits and Announcements

Can students schedule a senior/graduation portrait?
Yes, Thornton Studios is taking appointments for senior/graduation portraits. Photos are typically taken at the Grotto next to the campus entrance. Graduates can schedule a time by visiting Specific instructions for scheduling a time online will be sent to graduates directly.

Will guests be able to take pictures during the ceremony? 
Mount Saint Vincent has hired Island Photography to photograph all graduates as they shake hands with President Susan R. Burns and receive their diplomas. Island Photography will photograph each student as he/she receives the diploma and again right after he/she leaves the stage. To receive a direct link to the photos and to register to receive photos online visit

Graduates may register several email addresses to allow friends and family to receive a direct link to the Commencement photos. Images will be posted within 72 hours of the Commencement ceremony. For further information contact Island Photography at their website above or at (800) 869-0908.

As a courtesy to the graduates and all in attendance, we ask that you remain in your seats during Commencement. Our staff is instructed to restrict access to the stage and the graduates’ seating area. Guests will not be able to walk or stand in the aisles to take photographs or videotape.

Please be considerate of the families around you.

Will graduation announcements be available? 
Personalized Commencement announcements will be available to order online on or around March 1, 2024 at