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Student Accounts FAQs

When Will I Receive a Bill?
The Fall bills are generally prepared and mailed to students during the first week of July, with an expected due date of the first week in August. Spring semester bills are generally prepared and mailed to students during the first week of December, with an expected due date of the first week in January.

It is important that students ensure that their billing address in the system is accurate prior to bill generation, to prevent non receipt of the bill. Log into Self-Service to verify that the College has the most current address on record. You can access your bill at any time by logging onto Self-Service and selecting “View My Bill.”

What Will the Bill Look Like?
The bill will list all charges and payments made prior to the date the bill was printed. It will also indicate the expected aid for the semester. It is important to note that this is an estimate. That is why it will be necessary to read the bills carefully when you receive them.

Stafford Loans will appear as anticipated aid. Parent Plus loans, Signature Loans and many outside scholarship will NOT appear on the bill until the money has actually been received.

Should you be applying for any of these loans, please apply early as you will need to make payment arrangements for any outstanding balance not covered by and approved revenue source before classes begin. Also remember, most lending institutions charge an originating fee, which will be deducted from the proceeds received by the College. For further information regarding all financial aid programs, please read the Booklet of Financial Assistance.

How Much Should I Pay and When Is It Due?
If there is no additional aid to be deducted and/or you have not made arrangements for a payment plan (see below), you will be required to pay the balance in full by the first week of August (fall Semester). Evidence of a payment plan in effect will suffice to clear a student’s account. Failure to clear an account will result in the fall registration being cancelled.

How Do I Pay My Balance?
1) By mail with a check or money order.

2) By using Self-Service.

3) In person in the Office of Student Accounts, Center for Student Services, Founders Hall 223.

3) By enrolling in a payment plan with Tuition Management Services. They can arrange a semester-based plan for you. This is usually a 4 or 5 month payment plan.

Effective December 1, 2021, in order for the University of Mount Saint Vincent to continue to support the credit/debit card payment option, users making payments only with a credit/debit card directly to tuition, room and board, and related fees will be charged a 2.75% “processing fee.”

What Else Should I Know About Tuition Management Services?
When creating a budget for your Tuition Management Services payment plan, remember to include the University of Mount Saint Vincent Orientation Fee, the Student Activity Fee, and the Technology Fees.  Late payments and returned checks will incur additional fees. More than two late payments in a row will result in cancellation of the plan, and your balance will be immediately due in full to the College.

Is the Commuter Meal Plan Mandatory?
Yes. The commuter meal plan is mandatory and cannot be waived from the charges on any account. 

Are Student Activity Fees and Technology Fees Required Fees?
These are both additional fees that are mandatory. The Student Activity fee may be used to support student organizations, and student activities or sports or academic programs whether or not a student participates. The Technology Fee is a nominal charge in addition to tuition costs that is used for technology enhancement, resources, and services that the students use during their academic careers.

What Is the Graduation Fee?
The Graduation Fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee added to the student’s account when he/she applies for graduation. The Fee is incurred per degree applied for. The Graduation Fee is to be paid when the student applies for graduation, regardless of whether or not the student intends to participate in the Commencement ceremony.