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PaperCut Print Management System

The PaperCut print management system is a service that is designed to monitor print usage on campus. It is part of a College-wide initiative to reduce the amount of wasted printing, save money, and be gentler to the environment.

How PaperCut Works
When you print a document, a box will pop up asking you for your username and password. Simply log in with your DolphiNet username and password (without “”). This will “charge” the printing to your MyCard account.

Printing Costs
Each student will receive a “Print Grant” of a dollar amount representing the cost of 30 printed black and white pages per credit/hour, per semester. This would give a full-time student about 450 pages per semester. Any credit would be cleared at the end of each semester and a new “grant” will be applied.

Black/white copies cost $0.05 per printed page face and color copies are $0.25 per printed page face.

Once your “Print Grant” has been exhausted, the PaperCut system will automatically take money from your “My Dollars” bucket on the MyCard system. If you need to add money for printing, you can add it to “My Dollars,” as you would for any other purpose.

You can check your available printing balance by looking at the printer pop-up screen on your computer or by visiting your MyCard account.

Accessing Your PaperCut Account
You can access your PaperCut account at

For more information, please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at (718) 405-3340 or