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Course Changes and Withdrawal Procedures

Academic Advising
A faculty advisor will be made available to the student for academic matters (e.g., registration, selection of courses) during the course of the Graduate Program. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor at least once a semester. It is the responsibility of the student to make this appointment.

Course Changes
Adding or withdrawing from a course must be accomplished in the Registrar’s Office. All adds and drops must be approved by the student’s advisor or the Director of the Graduate Program. Courses cannot be added after the second scheduled class session. Students who drop a course without adding a course are subject to the refund policy. There is a fee charged to students who drop a course after classes begin.

Withdrawal from a Course
A student who wishes to withdraw from a course, without academic penalty, must meet with their academic advisor and complete a withdrawal form and pay the fee no later than the dates specified in the College calendar at the front of the catalog. It is not sufficient to simply inform the instructor. Students who do not follow this procedure are responsible for course fees, and will receive a grade of “F.” Courses dropped after the specified dates will be assigned a grade of “WF” and entered on the student’s permanent record (transcript).