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Online Academic Policies

Online Course Participation Policy

All courses are 7-week asynchronous courses—it is required that students participate in all class sessions. Attendance in online classes is defined by federal regulation as active participation in a discussion forum, submission of a written assignment, or a completion of a quiz or exam. If a student does not complete at least one of these activities during a week’s time, they will be marked absent. Attendance will be kept up to date on a weekly basis. When class assignments are missed, students must discuss available options with the instructor. It is not required to make acceptations to deadlines or missed assignments. If participation patterns develop, students will be asked to meet with the academic advisor to justify their continuing participation in the program.

Add/Drop Policies

Dropping Courses
It is the student’s responsibility to cancel his/her registration by officially contacting the Registrar’s office (see refund policy). Students who simply absent themselves from class will have a withdrawal grade(s) posted and billed accordingly. The “Request to Drop” form must also be completed and submitted at least two days in advance of the planned drop so that registration can be removed in a timely fashion.


Official Course Drop Date Tuition Refund
One day prior to course start date 100%
On course start date 50%
Any day after first day of class 0%

Please note: All courses dropped after the first day of class will be assigned a grade of “W” and be entered on the student’s academic record.

Adding Courses
Should it be necessary for students to add a course, they should contact the academic advisor to check on class availability and to make the necessary arrangements with Student Accounts and/or Financial Aid.