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Community Music School

Welcome to the Community Music School at the University of Mount Saint Vincent, where the joy of music meets the spirit of community. Our school is a vibrant hub for individuals of all ages and skill levels to embark on a musical journey. Nestled within the scenic campus, our dedicated faculty, composed of seasoned musicians and educators, fosters an environment that encourages creativity, skill development, and a lifelong love for music. 

From personalized instrumental and vocal instruction to ensemble experiences that cultivate teamwork, our diverse programs cater to a wide range of musical interests. Whether you’re a budding young talent or an adult looking to explore your musical passion, our Community Music School is a place where the transformative power of music is celebrated and shared within a supportive and inclusive community. Join us in harmonizing the notes of education, inspiration, and camaraderie at the heart of the University of Mount Saint Vincent.

Individuals of all ages from beginning to advanced are welcome to enroll in private lessons for all instruments and voice, music theory, and songwriting and composition. Lessons are conducted in a warm and nurturing environment, and great care is taken to pair each student with the faculty that best suits their personality, learning style, and needs.

Contact Conservatory Director Keith Kreindler to arrange a personal consultation to determine the right musical path for you.