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The Conservatory for CMSV Students


What is the CMSV Conservatory?

We are two things: the co-curricular music program for the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and a Community Music School serving the Riverdale area.


What does the Conservatory offer?

We offer music instruction and performance opportunities. CMSV students can take private music lessons, sing in the choir, and take performance-based and academic music classes, all for college credit. Many performing opportunities are available to musicians.


Do I need any prior music experience?


All music offerings are available to ALL CMSV students, regardless of experience level or learning style.


Can I receive credits?


All Conservatory offerings are credit-bearing courses, and most can be audited (taken for no credit).


What does it cost?

For the most part, NOTHING! The only Conservatory offering with extra cost is private lessons.


Tell me about private lessons

Private lessons are available on (almost) all instruments and voice, with expert instructors. Lessons are once a week, and lesson times are scheduled between the student and instructor at a mutually convenient time.

CMSV students can take lessons either of two ways. Choose that which suits you!:


  • One credit, Pass/Fail
  • Fourteen 60-minute lessons per semester
  • $825 course fee (on top of tuition) = $59/lesson

  • Fourteen lessons per semester
  • Lessons can be 60, 45, or 30 minutes in length
  • Tuition = $60/hour
Regardless of which path students choose, they receive the same expert instruction and performance opportunities


Contact Conservatory Director Keith Kreindler for teacher placement

If taking lessons for credit, register through Self Service as you do for all of your classes

If taking lessons through the Community Music School, complete registration form

Begin lessons!