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Project Closure Form

Instructions: Complete this form when an approved human participant research project is CONCLUDED or CANCELLED. Projects that involve long term follow up of participants must remain open, even if enrollment of new participants has ended. Please send completed and signed Project Closure Form to the Institutional Review Board. Please include a final summary of the project with this form and send it to

IRB ID Number:
Principal Investigator:
Department:                                                          Phone:
Project Title:
Faculty Advisor (if applicable):
Number of subjects enrolled:
  • Human participant involvement is complete (no follow-up planned with participants and data no longer contain identifiers that can link them to individuals).
  • Project no longer funded
  • Project is cancelled for other reason
  • Other

Please describe:_____________________

Required: Location of signed Informed Consent Documents (if applicable), which must be kept for three years beyond the conclusion of the research: ____________

____________________________                                        _____________

Signature of Principal Investigator                                                 Date

___________________________                                          _____________

Signature of Faculty Advisor                                                            Date