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Steve Acunto – “Hamlet as Performance” in English 303 (“Shakespeare”)

Ginger Andro and Chuck Glicksman – “The Collaborative Process:  How a Couple Makes Art”

Matthew Arduino, Ph.D. – “Data for Action:  Applying Microbiological Science to Infection Prevention in Healthcare Settings”

Frank Bruni – “Making the Most of College”

Gail Vance Civille ’65 – “How Did I Get Here from There”

Sylvia Christakos, Ph.D. – “Multiple Actions of Vitamin D” in Biology 321 (“Molecular Biology”)

Edmund Duffy – “Foreign Direct Investment in China:  Navigating the Legal System” in Business 309 (“International Business”)

Edmund Duffy – “Hamlet and Popular Culture” in English 120 (“Writing in Context II”)

Edmund Duffy – “Navigating Cultural Differences in International Business” in Business 309 (“International Business”)

Janet Finch, Psy.D. – “Empathy and Relationship-Building in the Interview Process” in Psychology 327 (“Interviewing and Counseling”)

William Fishlinger – “Good Behavior Makes for Good Business” in INT 305 (“Contemporary Moral Issues”)

William Fishlinger – “Throw Away the Script: Creative Thinking and Successful Business Strategy” in Business 400 (“Business Strategy”)

Julianne Imperato-McGinley, M.D. – “Translational Science and the Future of Medicine”

Robert B. Mills – “Leadership in the Global Business Community” in Business 309 (“International Business”)

Paula Moynahan, M.D. – “A Physician’s Life: Medical Careers in Today’s Climate”

Virginia LiVolsi, M.D. – “Chernobyl: Insights into Neoplasia”

Patrick McGinley and Ian McGinley –  “Diverse Careers in Law”

Robert B. Mills and Michael R. Mills – “First Steps:  What You Need to Do Now to Get the Career You Want”

Robert B. Mills – “Start Now!  How to Get and Keep a Job Without Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff” in Business 409 (“International Marketing”)

Detective Ken Davis ’79 – “Graffitti: Art or Vandalism?”

Hector Santiago – “Stop and Shake Presents: The Journey to Find Words”

Mark Soloski, Ph.D. – “From General Biology to Johns Hopkins:  What it Takes to Be a Scientist”

Kathryn Swintek – “From the Boulevard to the Boardroom: The Transformation of Women in the Marketplace” in INT 408 (“Women in the Nineteenth-Century Marketplace”)

Terence Tubridy and Jeff Brosi – “Building Your Own Business:  What You Really Need to Know About Entrepreneurship.” in Business 309 (“International Business”)

Anne Wiecek  “Negotiating the Family Dynamics of Grief”  in Integrated 406 (“Death”)

Kristin Winford – “Gender in the Workplace.” in Women’s Studies 300 (“Introduction to Women’s Studies”)

Kristin Winford – “Making the Most of Your Liberal Arts Background in the Business World.”  in Business 317 (“Principles of Finance”)

Joanne Zurlo, Ph.D. – “The Challenge of Sharing Our World: Animals and Humans Together”