About the Center

In February 2015 the College of Mount Saint Vincent announced the creation of the Fishlinger Center for Public Policy Research. The Center will conduct deep and broad studies of public opinion on key public policy concerns through independent and objective research conducted by students, faculty, and other members of the academic community. Participating students will gain much more than an education in social and public policy; they will be well prepared to engage in intelligent discussion and debate as informed citizens and future policymakers.

Students participate in the formulation of independent public opinion research and in data analysis, immersing themselves in some of the most complex and controversial problems facing the nation and the world today. By providing a forum for discourse that can stimulate intelligent dialog about issues that deeply affect all Americans, the Center illustrates and enhances the relationship between the work of the College and the common good.

The first public policy survey project focuses on human trafficking. Future topics will address perceptions of poverty, access to educational opportunity, and probing questions about drug addiction and domestic violence.

Faculty, students, administrators, and alumnae/i are encouraged to submit possible topics for Center studies. Topics are reviewed, discussed, and prioritized by the Advisory Board. All study topics will be selected to probe public opinion on social issues and to incite meaningful dialog and constructive action among opinion leaders and policy shapers.