About the Center

In February 2015, the College of Mount Saint Vincent created the Fishlinger Center for Public Policy Research. With funds generously contributed by William Fishlinger, a former trustee of the College, the Center was designed to study public policy issues.

In its first five years, under leadership of the advisory board chair, Provost Guy Lometti and Director James Donius, the Center undertook a series of projects aimed at drawing attention to the College. It conducted ongoing nation-wide polling on topics such as human trafficking, health care, poverty, domestic violence, drug addiction, education, and the environment.

These projects showcased the Fishlinger Center’s mission: To illuminate public opinion on key public policy and social issues through independent empirical research, leading to meaningful debate and dialogue, and constructive action.

In 2019-2020, Fishlinger Center Director James Donius retired and Assistant Professor of Sociology Matthew Archibald became the director. The Center re-located to the sociology department, and its structure and mission updated (see the Fishlinger Annual Reports 2019-2020, 2020-2021).

Now, the Center has expanded its mandate from polling to research. The goal of this phase in the Center’s mission is to conduct policy-relevant social, political, and economic research; to serve as a resource for faculty scholarship; and to promote undergraduate learning.