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About the Center

In February 2015, the University of Mount Saint Vincent created the Fishlinger Center for Public Policy Research, with funds generously contributed by William Fishlinger, a trustee of the College. Under leadership of the advisory board chair, Provost Guy Lometti, and Director James Donius, the Center undertook a series of polling projects designed to serve the Center’s academic, pedagogical, and ethical mission. It conducted ongoing nation-wide polling on topics such as human trafficking, healthcare, poverty, domestic violence, drug addiction, education, and the environment.

In 2019-2020, Fishlinger Center Director James Donius retired and sociology professor Matthew Archibald became the new director.

While the original mission aimed to illuminate public opinion on public policy and social issues leading to meaningful debate and dialogue, and constructive action, the current mission aims to advance theoretically-informed, policy-relevant research surrounding the social, economic, and political forces that shape and influence health and healthcare, education, and social and economic inequality. Constructive action based on empirically-driven decision-making remains a cornerstone of the Center’s goals.

The Center serves as a resource for faculty, students, and the broader community, and promotes research and learning in a variety of programs and activities that extend throughout the College.