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TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) has provided educational, professional, and cultural enrichment to its participants at the University since 1997, through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The Program enhances the academic performance, retention, and graduation rates of its scholars through comprehensive support services provided to selected low-income, first-generation, and/or students with disabilities.

TRIO Summer Program
The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Summer Program offers first-year students the opportunity to engage in a week-long series of academic, personal, and cultural workshops, as well as social activities that facilitate a successful transition into college. Acceptance into the TRIO Summer Program depends on space availability, student eligibility, and summer program participation.

To learn more about the Summer Program’s week of activities and workshops, please click on the Summer Agenda.  Typically, the Summer Program is the last week of July from Sunday through Saturday; however, it is important to note that the workshops and overall design of the Summer Program are subject to change from summer to summer.

TRIO Leadership Program
TRIO SSS provides leadership development opportunities through positions, such as Peer-Leader, Orientation Coordinator, Mentor, and Student Worker. These experiences enable scholars to develop decision-making skills, confidence, and professional skills.

In particular, scholars interested in becoming Peer Leaders and/or Orientation Coordinators in the TRIO Summer Program participate the TRIO Summer Leadership Institute, a three-day intensive training, which entails attending various workshops to learn more about group dynamics, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and more.  The training concludes with an off-site ropes course team building exercise, where scholars learn the importance of teamwork, taking risks and community building.

TRIO Mentorship Program
The TRIO Mentorship Program is geared toward supporting the successful transition of first-year incoming freshmen scholars at the University of Mount Saint Vincent.  TRIO upperclassmen help to serve as mentors in this one-year transition program, where they meet with their mentees monthly to discuss various topics of interest and provide any support and/or guidance needed.

TRIO Services

  • Workshops that focus on academic success, such topics as time management, study skills, financial aid guidance, scholarship search, college writing, and exam preparation
  • Career development workshops about resume writing, interviewing, graduate school applications, and financial literacy
  • Advisement support system available until graduation
  • Cultural enrichment activities, such as, off-Broadway plays
  • Tutoring and academic support in most classes and disciplines in collaboration with the Academic Resource Center (ARC)

TRIO Advising System and Philosophy
The TRIO professional staff practices a holistic advising model that focuses on the whole person.  In doing so, the team believes scholars can better understand the issues that impact them, become critical thinkers in addressing those concerns and move forward with a greater understanding of self.  Lastly, this approach is rooted in creating an environment build on trust, empowerment and genuine care for young people.

Professional staff facilitate one-on-one advising sessions regularly with every single scholar served, and works collaboratively with campus partners to ensure student needs are met. TRIO staff members are highly skilled professionals with master degrees in various subject matters that are central to understand college-aged students and addressing complex situations.

TRIO Eligibility
Acceptance into the program is by invitation only. Federal regulations require that participants be:

  • Enrolled in classes at the University of Mount Saint Vincent
  • A low-income student whose family meets federal income eligibility guidelines
  • A first-generation college student whose parent/guardian has not graduated from a four-year institution
  • A college student with a documented disability
  • All TRIO SSS participants must also demonstrate academic need for program services

To learn more about the TRIO SSS program, please view our brochure. To apply for admission, please download and print the application form.

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