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Master’s Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements
To earn a Master’s degree, a student must:

  1. Be formally admitted (matriculated) to a degree program;
  2. Complete the number of credits required by the graduate program;
  3. Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0;
  4. Complete all the requirements for the degree.

Degree Time Limits
All degree requirements for programs of 36 credits or less must be completed within five years from the initial semester of matriculation. All degree requirements for programs of more than 36 credits must be completed within eight years. The initial semester of matriculation is the semester in which the student is approved for matriculation. Extension of this time limit may be granted due to unusual circumstances upon written request to the Director of the Graduate Program. Candidates are responsible for planning their programs to assure the completion of all requirements within the stipulated period.

Conferral of Degrees
Degrees are granted three times a year: the last Friday in August, the last Friday in January, and at the annual Commencement Exercises in May.

Application for a Degree
A candidate for the award of a Master’s degree must file a graduation application and must pay the graduation fee by the deadline established by the Registrar. If the degree is not earned, a renewal of application is to be filed for reconsideration of the degree award.