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Appendix J: Form for Self-Assessment
of Tenured Faculty





Present Rank


Date of previous self-assessment


I. Professional Activities Since Last Assessment

Please enclose an updated curriculum vitae.

Please describe your professional activities since your last assessment including:

a) Teaching – Please review your courses offered, course evaluations, grade distributions, observation reports, syllabi, etc., and write a self-assessment of your teaching;

b) Instructional and Curricular Development – Please review the new courses and programs you developed, and innovative techniques you employed in your teaching and write a self-assessment;

c) Professional, Creative and/or Scholarly Activities – Please review how you stay current in your field to enhance your teaching, your professional memberships and participation in professional associations, conferences attended, completed publications, creative works, results of sabbaticals and/or grants, etc. and write a self-assessment;

d) Service – Please review your service to your department, the College, and/or your community and write a self-assessment.

II. Professional Development Plan 

Using the same categories as above, describe what you intend to achieve over the next five years. What resources (travel funds, research support, equipment, release time, etc.) would you require to assist you in meeting your professional objectives? This information will be used by the Provost to disseminate funds from the Post-Tenure Development Fund.

Approved October 8, 2014