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Immersive Student Art Exhibit Opens at the Mount

2022 Art + VAEM Capstone Exhibition Runs April 28 through May 23

Exhibiting Artists: Kayla Campbell | Storm Gibbs | Miguel Losa | Frederick Reyes | Stevie Velez
Location: Charles L. Flynn, Jr. Academic Resource Commons
Exhibition Dates: Thursday, April 28 to Monday, May 23, 2022
Opening Reception Event: Wednesday, May 4 | 5-8 p.m.

The Division of Communication, Art, and Media is pleased to present an exhibition for graduating Studio Art and Visual Arts and Experimental Media (VAEM) majors from April 28 to May 23, 2022 at the Charles L. Flynn, Jr. Academic Resource Commons, located on the second floor of the Elizabeth Seton Library.

Showcasing the final projects of students Kayla Campbell, Storm Gibbs, Miguel Losa, Frederick Reyes, and Stevie Velez from Professor Laura Elayne Miller and Professor Thomas Ray Willis’ Spring Senior Capstone Seminar, the artworks exhibited explore disparate personal narratives that address the artists’ individual experiences.

Interdisciplinary and conceptually varied, a variety of media was used to produce their compelling works. Realized through painting, photography, sculptural installation, digital art, and video, the artists have employed a breadth of art-making strategies to engage the viewer in their unique expressions of the momentum of transformation. Conceptually capturing dark humor, interpretative autobiography, geographic exploration, and the underbelly of socio-politics in sports, each artist considers the inherent juxtapositions within temporality, sharing the intimacies of their personal perceptions.

Flyer for the 2022 Spring Senior Capstone Seminar Art Exhibition


Kayla Campbell was born and raised in Brooklyn and has always lived in Canarsie, New York. Since beginning college, her daily commute has taken up much of her time. Her first two years were spent traveling underground, but now with the ability to drive, she gratefully takes in the sights she had been missing on the surface. She enjoys taking a record of her daily sightings through photography, with a focus on animals, architecture, and general infrastructure. She graduated from Benjamin Banneker Academy in 2018 and has achieved Dean’s List status three times between Fall 2018 to Fall 2019. Kayla is currently an undergraduate student at the College of Mount Saint Vincent who is double majoring in both Visual Arts and Experimental Media and English.

Photography by Mount student Kayla Campbell, Class of 2022

Storm Gibbs is an undergraduate student at the College of Mount Saint Vincent who is majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Psychology. She has been creating art for a majority of her life, but has spent the last 4 years primarily focusing on painting. With lots of experience with different art forms, Storm hopes to be able to share these experiences in the future and would like to pursue a career in art therapy to help children with PTSD and other disorders.

Painting by Mount student Storm Gibbs, Class of 2022

Miguel (Miggy) Losa is an undergraduate studying Art History and Studio Art at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. He wishes to pursue a career in architecture and conservation after finishing his undergraduate studies. His works on various forms of media including painting, drawing, photography, and sculptural works. With these various disciplines, Miggy seeks to use these in his possible future prospective careers in art. He is also most curious about how he can manipulate these different mediums and how he can change the way that they are conventionally used.

Sculptural installation by Mount student Miguel Losa, Class of 2022

Stevie Velez is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist known for her intricate and versatile bodies of work. Her work investigates the interpersonal emotional trauma that she has endured and relates them to broader human experience. With her art, she uses multiple mediums to express various alternatives of communicating through visual language. Participating in 100+ art classes across Manhattan, Stevie found her love for art at a young age. Thankful for her supportive parents, they invested time and energy into enrolling her in classes at the Met, MoMA, and YMCA. She also participated as an intern at the Urban Studio Unbound, studying values of curating a gallery, teaching life drawing classes, and aiding the artistic youth. Stevie’s expertise in multiple mediums includes traditional art, digital art, printmaking, sculpting (clay and stone), tattooing, and woodworking.

Artwork by Mount student Stevie Velez, Class of 2022

Frederick Reyes is a Mexican-American artist born and raised in the Bronx. Unlike most artists, Frederick was not brought up in the world of art or film, but instead by two working-class immigrant parents. Sports have always been his first love. Throughout his life, Frederick has wanted to tell stories that aren’t just for sports fans, but for everyone. By narrating histories that haven’t been told, he depicts the authentic drama and emotion from the experiences of unique individuals. With curiosity and the hunger for authenticity, his work captures not just one, but multiple perspectives in history—leaving the audience to form their own opinion as to what just happened.

Multimedia art still by Mount student Frederick Reyes, Class of 2022

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