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Gaining the Competitive Edge


Mount Students Harness the Power of Networking to Start Building Their Careers Early

Mount students are always ahead of the game.

Here, students gain an education for life that supports them in building a career, not just in landing a job. We know how driven our students are and we are committed to offering them every available opportunity in and outside the classroom during their four years, readily preparing them for life after graduation. From the Oxley Integrated Advising Program to the Mentors Program, the College provides various ways to explore and excel.

That’s why you’ll often see them networking to build their careers while they’re still undergraduates—it’s just another one of their strong suits. And this involvement with networking so early on is particularly valuable as students search for leads on professional positions, figure out their future career paths, and connect with people at their dream companies.

Student networking with an employer.

“I always tell my students, you never know where your next job or significant life experience will come from so it is best to talk to and interact with people in all facets of life,” said Assistant Professor of Accounting Frank Manzi. “This event also provides our students with a view on how they can be successful as they talk to alumni that have moved on from the Mount and become successful contributors to the world at large.”

But it’s not just the College that’s offering support—our innovative students driven by serving the greater good also expand opportunities for themselves and their peers. Last month, the College’s Accounting Society hosted a Business Networking Event, inviting exceptional Mount graduates and high-profile businesses from the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to mingle with students in Smith Hall on October 21.

“We think it is really important for students across all majors to have the opportunity to network with representatives from different companies,” said Jennifer Stern ’22, president of the Mount’s Accounting Society, an accounting major, and Honors Program student. “The first annual Networking Event was in 2019, and it was a great success with many students gaining internships, job opportunities, and connections with companies. We wanted to host the event again so that more students could experience these benefits.”

Student networking with an employer.

The success of the event was a team effort of the members of the Accounting Society. Jennifer contacted and maintained communications with some of the companies that attended the event. She learned the importance of team collaboration and had the opportunity to practice skills including writing professional emails and learning the steps involved in creating such an event and seeing it come to fruition.

Genesis Gomez ’22, a business administration major with a concentration in healthcare management who interns for the Accounting Society, communicated with companies, organized the information, designed flyers, and participated in various aspects of setting up the event. Ricardo Janvier, Director for Career Education and Internships/Oxley Advisor of the Oxley Integrated Advising Program held a resume workshop to ensure that students were ready to network with strong resumes. Throughout the entire process, Professor Manzi provided leadership and guided the Accounting Society.

“I look at these events as a tremendous benefit to all of our students because we live in a networked world and being able to effectively network will benefit our students as they proceed with their careers,” Professor Manzi said. “Regardless of their major, many of our students will either work in the business world or deal with the business players in many ways. The true benefit is that students are able to communicate effectively and make contacts in all endeavors in life.”

Student talking to an employer.

With companies including Twitter, Xerox, Ogilvy, and Game Time Watches, as well as Goldman Sachs, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Pix 11, there was no shortage of networking opportunities for Mount students from all majors and minors. The Accounting Society plans to continue to expand their offerings during future events to more specific industries, such as finance, IT, health care management, marketing, and more, knowing that often, careers are built one networking conversation at a time.

“My advice to current students is to be proactive,” said Christopher Summo ’15, Client Account Manager at Twitter. “Networking matters. Finding any opportunity you can to make a connection, or have a conversation with somebody who might help open a door, or point you in the right direction can be instrumental in your future career.”

The event—which the Accounting Society plans to repeat annually—is beneficial to Mount students because it allows them to build connections and relationships with companies that can lead to opportunities that can take them far into their careers. Students build quality professional relationships and can network their way to internships and jobs, while practicing their networking skills.

“I think it is amazing that the Mount hosts these events,” Mr. Summo said. “It gives students the opportunity to meet and talk to alumni who were once in their shoes. It shows them that the Mount is not only contributing to major organizations in all fields, but that it was a huge factor in their own professional development. It also allows them to see the opportunities that might exist for them in the future!”

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Students networking with employers.

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