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Buying a fake id


Why  do you need a Fake ID you might ask?


When you attend Mount Saint Vincent College we want you to be happy while you’re here with us and while you’re at home. But, we also want you to be safe. This is why we are going to be telling you where and how to obtain a fake id and how to use it responsibly.

As a college student you may have noticed the influx of bars opening up in this area and while we don’t support fake id usage we are not able to stop it and as such, we would rather promote and guide safe practices in the name of god.


Where should I purchase a Fake ID?

There are many websites out there that claim to sell fake ids and a lot of them are scams. There is only a select few websites that are real, such as This fake id maker is one of the biggest in the world and as such should be treated like an id god, per se.


Where to get a fake id,

FakeYourDrank sells many states that will help your drinking needs.


Some of the states they sell are:


Now you may be asking yourself how do you pay, what payment methods do they accept?

Well there they accept several payment methods being,

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Western Union (Cash or Credit Card)

Western Union is by far one of the most simplistic payment methods. If Jesus were here today, he would even be able to do it himself as well. This is the payment method we recommend all of you to use if you are unable to figure out how to purchase bitcoin. They have more information on how to pay located on their fake id guides part of the website here



Now that we have explained how and where to obtain a fake id, please show respect and be safe out there.



What are you waiting for? buy a fake id today!

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