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At the heart of any musical journey is the opportunity to perform. Sharing music with others is but one important aspect; invaluable experience is gained both in preparation for and within the performance. Often, this setting and of goals and the work put towards achieving them is what brings the musician to the next level.


All conservatory students will have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. From intimate concerts in small spaces, to more high profile events, students will enjoy performing for their family and friends in the beautiful University of Mount Saint Vincent facilities. Each performance aims to reflect the diversity amongst Conservatory students, and individuals from beginning to advanced levels are encouraged to participate in these warm and welcoming environments. Instructors will work with and recommend their students for upcoming performances.

High School seniors are offered a concentrated performance outlet at the end of their senior year. Students prepare recital repertoire and set dates with their instructor and the Conservatory Director.


These are informal, supportive classes in which students perform for their peers and receive constructive feedback. Gaining experience performing in front of an audience, having a chance to work with an accompanist, or simply to perform a piece in a “recital-like” setting are some of the reasons this class can be invaluable. Performance workshops happen in advance of recitals.


Founders Day, April 17, 2024

Founders Day, April 19, 2023