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Unique Student Selected for GE Mentoring Program


Yafreisy Carrero has been awarded an exclusive slot in the General Electric Mentoring Program, sponsored by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Ms. Carrero is a senior at the College with a major in mathematics and a minor in art. She is currently applying to graduate programs in architecture. Yafreisy was granted one of only 15 available slots from among a highly competitive field. She will accept this award at a ceremony at NBC headquarters on Friday, October 9.

Aside from her major and minor, Yafreisy has performed fieldwork for the sociology department, which resulted in a solo conference presentation for Undergraduate Women Majoring in Math. During this fieldwork, Yafreisy tutored young children in mathematics and even designed her own curriculum. She has also been active in the Mount Community, making important contributions to the TRIO program, and tutoring in various subjects.

Said Dr. Omar Nagi of the Department of Sociology, “Yafreisy’s talents in mathematics, arts and social sciences reveal her as a true renaissance woman.  However, it is her character and will to excel that make her an inspiration to all who achieve.”

The GE/HSF Mentor Program is an educational support program using “the value of one-on-one relationships as a means of helping set and achieve their goals.” The GE Mentoring program consists of two types of awards: the mentoring program and  scholarship funds of up to $4,000.  There were at least 2,500 winners of scholarship money, and of those, 15 were chosen for the mentoring program.  Yafreisy’s mentor will be an engineer from GE who is the head of the mentoring program.

According to Yafreisy, “To have a positive result (in life), you do not need to have a positive beginning. Consider the equation P(x)=5x^2 +9x-1; where x=-3. Despite the negative number, the result will be positive: [5(-3)^2 + 9(-3)-1=17]. For some time, I was that negative number searching for a positive destiny.”

“Her words and her personal story capture the spirit and courage of our students, making her an ideal representative for the College of Mount Saint Vincent,” said Dr. Nagi.