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Colleges of Distinction Continues to Recognize the Mount as One of the Best in the Nation

The end of June historically brings feel-good sensations for all across our country: school’s out, Summer vacation is here, hot dogs are on the grill, pools and beaches are open, and—oh!—Colleges of Distinction rankings are out!

We’re thrilled to share that the University of Mount Saint Vincent has been named a College of Distinction for the 2024-2025 academic year.

And while we can’t say that we’re surprised that Colleges of Distinction bestowed this honor on us yet again, we remain ever-grateful to continue to be recognized among the most transformative colleges and universities in the United States.

Not only did we receive top honors for our dedication to fostering hands-on learning, strong student-faculty relationships, an active campus community, and stellar student outcomes for our undergraduate student population, the Mount also continued to receive endorsement from Colleges of Distinction in six additional categories: New York, Catholic, Business, Education, Nursing, and Career Development.

Vinny the Dolphin is certainly jumping for joy—and we hope you are, too! 🐬

Since its founding in 2000, Colleges of Distinction has awarded schools with badges for their successful implementation of high-impact educational practices and hands-on learning. Unlike traditional ranking systems based on numerical data, Colleges of Distinction’s rigorous selection process involves extensive research and detailed interviews with the institutions, accepting only those that adhere to their Four Distinctions: Engaged Students, Great Teaching, a Vibrant Community, and Successful Outcomes.

It’s no secret that Mount Saint Vincent has demonstrated exceptional performance in each of these areas, meeting our learners when, where, and how they need us while ensuring a supportive and enriching environment that equips our students for success both within and beyond the classroom.

“A college degree opens the door to many opportunities,” said Tyson Schritter, Chief Operating Officer at Colleges of Distinction. “But a truly worthwhile education prepares students to thrive once they walk through that door. The University of Mount Saint Vincent’s curriculum encourages meaningful student-faculty collaboration through experiential learning that is relevant and applicable to the real world.”

Colleges of Distinction is also unique in that, unlike other data-based college recognition systems, it does not rank its honorees on a numerical scale.

“We’ve never ranked our schools,” Tyson continued. “No student is alike, so there can’t be a number-one school for everyone. We are much more focused on the innovative ways that colleges are offering their own brand of a truly rich undergraduate education.”

The Mount’s recognition continues to position us as a leading institution not just in our little pocket of the Bronx, but in New York State at large—and not just among private, Catholic colleges, but as a competitor within the sphere of higher education. With a rich history of providing a well-rounded education that expands far beyond just knowledge, skills, and preparation for work for nearly two centuries, it’s no wonder the University receives such prestigious endorsements year after year.

And while we agree with Tyson that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to colleges and universities, at the Mount, we’re committed to showing all learners—from both near and far—all the ways in which we are, in fact, the Right Place on the River for them.

“At the University of Mount Saint Vincent, our faculty welcome students to be partners in the learning process—setting high standards for achievement while also providing students meaningful support in their educational endeavors,” shared Mount President Susan. R. Burns. “Our staff and administrators strive to see the students as the beautifully complex individuals they are, in and beyond the classroom, valuing the contributions they bring to our Mount community and beyond.”

It’s true that our curriculum prepares students to not just find a job, but launch a career.

Earning a college degree greatly improves a young graduate’s ability to secure a job, and yet—especially in today’s day and age—the process of entering the workforce is often a big challenge in and of itself. Increasingly demanding job requirements, unrealistic experience expectations, and inflexible work hours and locations make landing that first job after college a daunting task.

Luckily, the Mount’s Career Development award from Colleges of Distinction is a celebration of our commitment to helping students advance in their desired career. Our Oxley Integrated Advising Program includes a breadth of resources aimed at its students’ success in the classroom, yes, but also beyond graduation.

Whether incoming students arrive at the Mount thinking they know exactly what they want to be or not, Oxley advisors help them build the skills—and the plan—needed to discover their best academic and professional options. Support from the Oxley team begins on students’ very first day on campus and continues all the way up to the moment they graduate. Together, students, advisors, and professors will work to identify strengths and interests, explore unfamiliar ideas, and equip students for success in any field.

“Our history as a Vincentian and Setonian institution in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition roots us in service,” added Mount Provost and Dean of Faculty Lynne Bongiovanni. “We take a holistic approach to advising our students. Every student is assigned two advisors—one traditional faculty advisor and one advisor from the Oxley Integrated Advising team. As partners in learning, advisors work in individualized service to each of our students, ensuring they leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring every possible career pathway.”

As for our awards in Business, Education, and Nursing? We continue to have some of the most rigorous and top-ranked programs in the region.

Colleges of Distinction has a history of highlighting schools whose undergraduate experiences dive deep into a philosophy of well-rounded, individualized engagement. Our business students are engaged in active learning and classes facilitate their development of analytical, critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. Students studying education—whether it be on the early childhood, childhood, adolescent, special education, or TESOL level—immerse themselves in field placements among the New York City Department of Education and constantly develop new and unique ways to present opportune learning. And we can’t forget about our stellar nursing curriculum, where small classes and clinical rotations at some of the nation’s leading hospitals inspire students to use what they learn to plan competent, effective, and evidence-based nursing care.

And while we’re over the moon to receive endorsement from Colleges of Distinction for these three programs, we encourage our prospective students and their families to explore all the majors, minors, and more the University has to offer.

It’s safe to say that the University of Mount Saint Vincent is not just surviving, but thriving in this uncertain higher education landscape, and our badges are there to prove it.

“From our founding by the Sisters of Charity of New York, the Mount has endeavored and succeeded in valuing the human dignity of our learners and, through the academically excellent education we offer, we expand our students’ understanding of our obligations to each other,” Dr. Burns continued. “The continued recognition from Colleges of Distinction serves as an affirmation of the ways in which we prioritize our students’ success at and beyond their time at the Right Place on the River—preparing them for career, life, and community.”

Highlighting what Dr. Burns had to say, Tyson from Colleges of Distinction had one final thought to share:

“We are so impressed to see how the University of Mount Saint Vincent brings life to the traditional undergraduate experience. With a welcoming community, an immersive curriculum, and strong support networks, the Mount is undoubtedly nurturing the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.”

We couldn’t agree more.

To view the Mount’s profile or to find more information about the programs we offer, visit our Colleges of Distinction webpage.

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Founded in 1847 by the Sisters of Charity, the University of Mount Saint Vincent offers a nationally recognized liberal arts education and a select array of professional fields of study on a landmark campus overlooking the Hudson River. Committed to the education of the whole person, and enriched by the unparalleled cultural, educational, and career opportunities of New York City, the University equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for lives of achievement, professional accomplishment, and leadership in the 21st century.

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