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Mount Awarded $467,739 HECap Grant


Funding to upgrade technology, enhance the College’s nursing curriculums, and facilitate the launch of new Physician Assistant Program

The College of Mount Saint Vincent has been awarded $467,739 by New York State through the Higher Education Capital (HECap) Matching Grant Program. The grant will support the acquisition of advanced instructional technologies for its new health profession simulation laboratories to be located in Corazon C. Aquino ’53 Hall.

Students in nursing laboratory.

“The College is delighted to be among the recipients of HECap funding, which will enable us to support the latest and best practices for training nurses, physician assistants, and other health professionals with state-of-the-art patient simulators and virtual learning tools,” said President Susan R. Burns. “An emphasis on highly-trained medical professionals has emerged because of changing needs in the industry. We are proud to be growing advanced clinical healthcare programs that are rooted in our mission and the liberal arts traditions for undergraduates, as well as professional advancement through high-quality experiences for second degree and graduate students.”

Expansion and upgrades to our simulation laboratories are essential to support the curricular innovation underway on campus. This grant accommodates the projected growth of both undergraduate and graduate nursing enrollment, furthering objectives aligned with the College’s strategic plan.

Aquino Hall construction.

By focusing on the importance of clinical experience, the College’s nursing and healthcare curriculum continues to leads the region. Mount students receive the highest-quality instruction and pre-clinical placement training, allowing them to cultivate the essential skills for several medical specializations, such as clinical assessment, adult/primary care, pediatrics, and maternity. And with job growth in healthcare increasing at a higher rate than any other employment sector, the College continues to implement active learning approaches and provide designated space for technology and enhanced learning labs, ensuring graduates are prepared as competent clinicians who provide patient-centered care and engage in data-driven, continuous quality improvement.

“Clinical preparation and experiential learning are the best pedagogical methods to cultivate the expertise and care students will need to succeed in healthcare professions,” continued Dr. Burns. “We are grateful to be able to expand such support for our students. I applaud and thank New York State for the continued support of HECap.”

This latest round of funding couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Bronx has the fewest primary care professionals in New York City. The need for more extensive and accessible healthcare services is significant—and Mount Saint Vincent is changing that. The College aims to increase enrollment in its nurse practitioner program and is establishing the first physician assistant master’s degree program in the Bronx.

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are among the top six healthcare professions expected to see the most growth in the next ten years. With a projected launch in fall 2022, the highly anticipated physician assistant program will provide a tangible pathway to advanced education and training, cultivating professionals prepared to serve the healthcare needs of the Bronx and New York City.

“The College of Mount Saint Vincent continues to gain traction and recognition as it prepares graduates as leaders in healthcare,” said Associate Professor Anthony Garofalo, Director for the Physician Assistant Program. “We are excited to further expand offerings which includes nursing and the newly-established physician assistant master’s degree program. Funding from this HECap grant helps us support and ensure student success by enhancing our teaching and learning environment through a humanistic and relationship-centered approach. We can’t wait to get started and we look forward to our graduates becoming the next generation of healthcare providers in the Bronx and beyond.”

Nursing lab

Construction of Corazon C. Aquino ’53 Hall, named in honor of the late Mount alumna and President of the Philippines, is underway and nearing completion.

The upgraded, expanded laboratories will enable the College’s faculty to integrate simulation experiences into all healthcare courses, allowing students to develop strong clinical skills, expertise, and judgement at every stage of their education. Mount students learn through competent, effective, and evidence-based instruction, contributing to safe and high-quality care. These new programs and offerings prove that the College remains committed to expanding educational value for a growing student population.

HECap grants assist in the financing of capital projects and equipment purchases by independent institutions of higher learning in New York State. These projects create construction jobs across the state and benefit students, faculty, staff, and communities. The HECap Program is a competitive grant program that awards bonded funds for capital projects on Independent Sector campuses across New York. For every $1 of state funds awarded, colleges and universities provide at least $3 of matching funds.

Aquino Hall construction

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