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Mount Opens State-of-the-Art Business Trading and Research Center


Riverdale, NY – Mount Saint Vincent dedicates itself to deliver the very best for its students. In a continued effort, the College has opened a Business Trading and Research Center, designed to provide the foundation for multi-faceted learning opportunities.

The Center replicates trading floors in investment banks, market exchanges, and hedge funds throughout New York City’s financial district. It serves as a business lab and classroom space, allowing students to research corporate news, charts, portfolio analytics, and financial and market data.

“It is pertinent for all business students to understand how the stock market works and how to engage in the stock market,” said Nina Aversano, Assistant Professor of Management and Chair of the Department of Accounting, Business, and Economics. “The Business Trading and Research Center allows students to set up portfolios and stocks, analyze companies, and read and compare company information. When our students begin to go for job interviews, they can demonstrate a working knowledge of finance and can be certified through the Telemet [Orion Investment] Software, which allows them to gain the competitive edge.”

The Business Trading and Research Center gives students the opportunity to have an on-campus learning environment with a lab sheltering trading stations that deliver ‘real-time’ data feeds, analytical tools, and news, as well as news analysis from exchanges, brokerage houses, and financial services firms.

Cynthia Rodriguez ’20, an International Business Major, is one of the many students who take advantage of the Business Trading and Research Center.

“I love that I can see how my stock is doing in real-time on the ticker,” said Ms. Rodriguez, who owns stock in AT&T, Optimum, and Bitcoin. “The Center is not only beneficial to me, but to all students interested in investment. These students are actively learning how stocks, shares, and percentages work just by spending time in the lab, where they can see the ticker update every 10 seconds.”

The leading intention of establishing the Center is to increase the quality of the academic experience, allowing students to access professional applications of the industry, while preparing students for the business workforce and providing faculty with state-of-the-art teaching tools.

“The ticker, hardware, and software are all used to help our students engage in real business education,” said Titos Ritsatos, Assistant Professor of Economics. “We are all dependent on the markets; they are essential to our lives. What kind of business education are we going to be able to have without the ability to understand how markets function in their specific abilities? There is a wealth of information that is provided here in the Research Center. The most important piece is the Telemet Software, which gives real online information about companies. Students can access company reports, complete financial analysis, and market overview. We try to incorporate this facility in various courses, including accounting, business, investment, finance, and economics.”

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—Dorian Fann ’18

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