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Mount Saint Vincent to Participate in Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship Program


The College of Mount Saint Vincent is pleased to announce its affiliation with the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship program.  The College is one of a select group of New York City colleges invited to participate in the program.

The Jeanette K. Watson Fellowship offers accomplished undergraduate liberal arts students the opportunity to complete ten-week, paid internships for three consecutive summers. These internships provide students with: on-the-job education that assists in vocation planning and selection, practical situations in which to integrate classroom learning, opportunities for future fellowships and graduate education, and financial assistance for college. Jeanette K. Watson Fellows are encouraged to sample work in nonprofit organizations, government service, and private enterprise. Past internships have been completed at AOL Music, the New York State Supreme Court, Wildlife Conservation Society, the United Nations Population Fund, and the United States Diplomatic Mission to Morocco.

“We are delighted by the invitation to participate in the Jeannette Watson Fellowship Program,” said Charles L. Flynn, Jr., President of Mount Saint Vincent. “This program is unique in the nation. It offers unparalleled educational opportunities for our students.  We are also grateful.

The invitation celebrates the leadership potential in our students.  It both affirms and expands the strong academic programs of the College.”

Each participating institution nominates freshmen or sophomores each year to be considered by the program’s Citywide Selection Panel. The panel then interviews finalists and fifteen of these are chosen as Fellows. As part of its provisional participation, Mount Saint Vincent is allowed to nominate three freshmen or sophomores.

The Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship was established in 1968 and is an initiative of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation.