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One of the Most Transformative Schools in America


Enrollment Spikes as Mount is Recognized Among Top 30 Colleges Nationwide

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Education has the power to transform lives and, once again, Money magazine has included Mount Saint Vincent among America’s most transformative institutions of higher education.

The College ranked No. 30 on Money magazine’s list of the “Most Transformative Colleges” for its commitment to offering students the highest quality education and creating pathways for success to maximize students’ personal and economic growth.

It’s no surprise that the Mount was recognized for transforming the lives of its students—the College leads the region in offering exceptional academics at an affordable price. And enrollment numbers continue to rise, even as the landscape of higher education changes rapidly.

This year alone, Mount Saint Vincent has seen a 7.2 percent increase in first-year enrollment overall; a 48 percent increase in enrollment for business majors; a 62 percent increase in enrollment for nursing majors; and a 172 percent increase in transfer enrollment as the College enabled 34 College of New Rochelle (CNR) students to transfer uninterruptedly into the College’s nationally recognized programs of study, allowing them to graduate on time despite their institution closing in 2019.

According to Money, the Mount “provides an intimate educational setting for its 1,800-plus undergraduate and graduate students, who major in everything from economics, nursing, philosophy, studio art, and women’s studies. The College’s curriculum requirement extends over four years, providing students with a grounding in literature, foreign language, art, history, philosophy, economics, psychology, communication, and more.”

Student works in the art studio.

Mount Saint Vincent regularly appears—and tops—many of Money’s rankings: the College was recognized as one of the nation’s highest-ranking Best Small Colleges, as a best value provider to its students, and as one of ten New York State institutions to receive an “A” range ranking for “value added.”

Because of its service and effort to ensure each student’s potential is defined by his or her ambitions, not their financial means, it’s easy to understand why the College was also included as a top performer as one of the country’s most transformative institutions.

“It’s not surprising that elite schools report high graduation rates or alumni success,” the magazine wrote. “What’s impressive is when students beat the odds by doing better than would be expected from their academic and economic backgrounds. We call this a college’s value add.”

Money included more than 700 colleges and universities in its “Best Colleges in America” ranking. To qualify, schools must have at least 500 students, not be in financial distress, and maintain a graduation rate at or above the median for schools in their category. The rankings were based on three major categories: quality of education, affordability, and graduate outcomes. Mount Saint Vincent ranked:

  • #30 among the top 50 “Transformative Colleges” | Ranked for helping students beat the odds by doing better than would be expected from their academic and economic backgrounds.
  • #225 among the 727 “Best Colleges” | Ranked among the best in the nation for educational quality and value.

What’s the key to the College’s success as a leading liberal arts institution? Individualized advisement and support to help every student be part of an academic community supportive enough to make success a reality. And, most importantly, Mount Saint Vincent ensures that each student’s potential is defined by his or her ambitions, not their financial means.

Doctors, lawyers, CEOs, editors, nurses, teachers, business executives, writers, producers, scientists, and neurosurgeons, Mount alums become leaders and innovators in the global community. Our graduates don’t just get jobs—they launch careers.

The College offers all of its talented and deserving students the knowledge, support, and resources to access a college education that prepares them for continued success after graduation.

Partners in Learning

At the Mount, advising is different from most colleges and universities. Here, it’s teamwork.

Students get to know their faculty advisor personally. They’re instructors in First Year Experience, a stimulating and informational course required for all first-year students, and they help students navigate major and core curriculum requirements, advise about graduate and professional programs, and connect students to the College community.

Students also benefit from a professional Oxley Program advisor to help them build the skills—and the plan—to discover their best academic and professional options in and outside the classroom at the Mount.

The College’s Oxley Integrated Advising Program is a unique, nationally-recognized program that begins on the first day of a students’ time at the Mount and continues through graduation. With the Oxley Program, students identify their strengths and interests, understand the value of those strengths and the range of opportunities associated with them, and strategize how to translate what they love into a career.

“Professors and advisors prepare us for life after college through everyday curriculum,” said senior Communication major Christina Rasmussen ’20. “Every advisor at the Mount helps with creating connections across campus and each member of the College community is here to help students succeed—they want the best for us. It’s easy to see that through the classes taught, the support systems offered, and the opportunities the school provides, such as internships, activities, and leadership development.”

Students walk on campus on a fall day.

Education for Life and Career—Not Just a Job

A Mount education goes beyond knowledge, skills, and preparation for work. The College cultivates independent thinkers who are ready to apply critical inquiry towards lives of leadership, service, and innovation. It equips students for success in any field by emphasizing the ultimate credentials: analytical skills, clear thinking, and the ability to weigh moral and ethical questions seriously. This makes them valuable members of society who navigate life and work creatively and effectively.

The Mount’s New York City location and its easy access across Manhattan offers students extraordinary internship opportunities at top businesses, entertainment companies, health care facilities, and government agencies, including ABC, Deutsche Bank, ESPN, JPMorgan Chase, NBC Universal, Pfizer, and the United Nations.

Most importantly, the Mount inspires its students to understand that in college as in anything, you get back what you put in it.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an M.B.A. from Mount Saint Vincent, James Vazquez ’06, ’11 M.B.A. serves as a Vice President and Treasury Management Officer for the Commercial Real Estate group within Commercial Banking at JPMorgan Chase. And like many other Mount graduates, he has benefited from the College’s transformative education.

“The culture at Mount Saint Vincent is strong,” said James. “The Mount is transparent because it ultimately has one goal: your success. There is tangible evidence in my accomplishments, as well as many others. Whenever anyone asks how they can make it, the answer is easy: Apply to the Mount!”

Mount Made: Meet a Few Graduates of Mount Saint Vincent.

About the College of Mount Saint Vincent
Founded in 1847 by the Sisters of Charity, the College of Mount Saint Vincent offers nationally recognized liberal arts education and a select array of professional fields of study on a landmark campus overlooking the Hudson River. Committed to the education of the whole person, and enriched by the unparalleled cultural, educational, and career opportunities of New York City, the College equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for lives of professional accomplishment, service, and leadership in the 21st century.

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