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Perceived Coverage of “Human Trafficking” Pales Compared to that of “Sexual Harassment”


Coverage of “sexual harassment” is more likely to be perceived as exaggerated when compared to that for “human trafficking”

The Fishlinger Center for Public Policy Research at the University of Mount Saint Vincent seeks to foster meaningful dialog on key public policy issues through independent, objective public opinion research. This survey focuses on social issues in the United States.

When compared to “human trafficking,” “sexual harassment” coverage is more likely to be perceived as exaggerated. The majority of respondents (58%) believe that the issue is accurately covered or understated.

What is of much more social significance is the perceived gross under coverage of “human trafficking.” The majority of respondents feel that “human trafficking” is understated. This suggests that more attention and focus is needed for this critical social issue.

Graphic titled "Perceived coverage of social issues"

Perceptions of “sexual harassment” differ greatly by gender. Women are much less likely to feel that coverage is exaggerated than men. However, women and men have similar perceptions on coverage for “human trafficking.”

Graphic titled "Perceived coverage of social issues %"

The fact that men and women differ in their perceptions of “sexual harassment” but not “human trafficking” may reflect the more immediate threat that charges of “sexual harassment” pose to men. Additionally, “human trafficking” is not covered as much and also is perceived to be less prevalent.

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