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Research Paper by CMSV Professor and Nine CMSV Science Students to be Published in Fly Landes Bioscience Journal


Riverdale, N.Y.  – The College of Mount Saint Vincent is pleased to announce that the original scientific research paper, “Mulet (mlt) Encodes a Tubulin Folding Cofactor E-like Homolog Required for Spermatid Individualization in Drosophila Melanogaster,” was accepted for publication in the Landes Bioscience Journal Fly. The paper was written by Dr. Fabrizio and the following undergraduate Mount students: Nour Aqeel ’10, Joshian Estevez ’11, Mary Jongoy ’12, Joy Cote ’12, Winnie Tema ’12, Vanie Mangal ’12, Jerrica Wnukowski ’13, Ashley Rivera ’12, and Yolisept Bencosme ’13.

Dr. Fabrizio and his students investigated one particular mutation that disrupts the individualization process in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, for more than two years. The Mount students used both genetics and molecular biology to show that the mutation was the result of a disruption of a gene called “Tubulin-Folding Cofactor E-like (TBCE-like).”

Sperm in all animals, including fruit flies and humans, are matured in a shared common cytoplasm. At the end of their development, each sperm cell is individualized by being encased into its own membrane. Male sterility is caused by the failure of the individualization process. The TBCE-like gene is required for the destruction of  microtubules, a component of the cytoskeleton (cell skeleton).  The removal of microtubuels from that common cytoplasm is a pre-requisite for sperm individualization. These microtubules are removed in normal testes. Thus, proper individualization depends on the removal of microtubules from the common cytoplasm by TBCE-like.

Dr. Fabrizio is a firm believer in the necessity of in-depth research as a crucial component of a liberal arts education. He says that nearly 20 science students develop their own research projects per year. Unlike the research completed at large research institutions, at the Mount, all student research is conducted by undergraduates.

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