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Russian Delegates Visit College of Mount Saint Vincent


Riverdale, NY – On Monday, December 8th, the Business and Economics Department at the College of Mount Saint Vincent will host a reception for delegates visiting from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FinEc). It will be held in the President’s Reception Room from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. This event gives staff an opportunity to meet the FinEc faculty who host Mount students and professors who study abroad in Russia.

For ten days, the delegation from FinEc will travel from Boston to New York and visit their partner institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Johnson and Wales University, Fairfield University, Columbia University, and the College of Mount Saint Vincent. The delegates are Leonid Tarasevich, President of the University, Igor Masimtsev, Rector of the University (CEO), Mikhail Osipov, Vice President for Administration, and Dmitry Vasilenko, Director of International Programs.

“By arranging for them to come here, we are hoping to establish a stronger connection between the Mount and FinEc,” says Dr. Natalia Smirnova, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business.

FinEc hosts students and faculty during the summer abroad in Russia programs. The university covers training process, research, proficiency upgrading, consulting and marketing activities. They have educated overseas students since 1948. About 3,000 foreign citizens from 70 countries have attained higher education in economics, received their PhD degrees and upgraded their proficiency.

The Center for International Studies at the Mount sponsors a summer abroad program in Russia. Students take a three credit integrated course in History and Economics/Business at FinEc. The program includes excursions throughout the city, as well as concerts, river trips, and overnight visits to Moscow and Novgorod. In 2007, two students from the Mount studied in Russia and successfully completed the program.

For more information about the reception, please contact Dr. Smirnova at