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Hegis Codes (Graduate Programs)

Program Name  HEGIS Number    Degree
Art Therapy/Counseling 1099 MS

Urban and Multicultural Education 0899 MS
Childhood Education and Special Education Grades 1-6 0802 MS
Adolescent Education and Special Education Grades 7-12 0803 MS
Childhood Education and TESOL 0802 MSEd
Teaching Early Childhood and Young Children with Disabilities 0823 MSEd
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 1508 MS

Family Nurse Practitioner 1203.12 MS
Nursing Administration 1203.10 MS
Nursing Education 1203.10 MS

Family Nurse Practitioner 1203.10 Advanced Certificate
Nursing Education 1203.12 Advanced Certificate

Physician Assistant 1299.10 MS

Business Administration 0506.00 MBA
Business Management 0502.00 MBA
Management 0506.00 MS