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Institutional Outcomes Assessment Committee By-Laws

Article I, Purpose: 

The purpose of the Institutional Outcomes Assessment Committee is to facilitate and enhance the quality of institutional effectiveness and student learning, as well as to inform strategic planning and resource allocation efforts at the University of Mount Saint Vincent. 

The Committee, as a whole, shall be known as the Institutional Outcomes Assessment Committee (IOAC), IOAC will focus on assessment of student learning, including departmental and core curricula, programs, and activities across undergraduate and graduate.

Article II, Duties:

  1. Serve as advisors to the Provost and Director of Institutional Research and Assessment in development and implementation of a comprehensive institutional assessment plan, which incorporates assessment plans developed by the Undergraduate College, College of Professional and Graduate Studies, Core Curriculum committee, and academic divisions and departments (for undergraduate and graduate degree programs).
  2. Work with the Provost and Director of Institutional Research and Assessment to develop institution-wide schedules and policies to ensure coordination and implementation of assessment and planning efforts across administrative and academic divisions and departments.
  3. Review assessment outcomes and make timely recommendations that support quality enhancement and the improvement of student learning.
  4. Promote and facilitate the ongoing professional development of faculty and staff on assessment, planning, federal, state, regional, and specialized accreditation compliance issues.
  5. Monitor the use of assessment data in strategic planning, budget and other resource allocation efforts, program improvement and quality enhancement across the University.
  6. Facilitate the timely distribution of assessment data and analysis of assessment data, including development and submission of an annual Institutional Outcomes Assessment report to the academic community.
  7. Assess the validity and reliability of the assessment process used by academic divisions and departments.

Article III, Membership:

The Committee shall be composed of members and the Committee officers.

  1. Six faculty members (Chair) elected by the faculty; one each from the following groupings, except humanities, which shall elect two (2) from separate departments within the humanities division:
    • Communication, Business, and Economics;
    • Humanities (English, Fine Arts, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy Religious Studies);
    • Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry) and Mathematics;
    • Nursing;
    • Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Teacher Education)
  2. Undergraduate and Graduate Deans
  3. The faculty member responsible for the Core Curriculum
  4. The most senior administrator responsible for Institutional Research
  5. One student member shall be appointed by the Student Government Association
  6. Provost-ex-officio


Members shall serve for a two-year term with eligibility for re-election to a second term. Eligibility for an additional term may occur after an interim of one full term (2 years).

In the event of a vacancy, the Faculty Elections Committee will hold a special election within the division to fill the vacant position.

Article IV, Officers:

Officers will be elected annually at the organizational meeting in the Fall. 

  • Chair of IOAC/IOAC-ADMINInstitutional Research
  • Vice Chair of IOAC-nominated faculty member
  • Secretary-will be shared by the members of the Committee

Article V: Duties of the Officers:

The Chair of the IOAC will:

  • Prepare the agenda and any other necessary materials.
  • Distribute the agenda one week in advance of all meetings and chair all Committee meetings. 
  • Appoint a Secretary from among the Committee or the support staff of an administrative subcommittee member on a rotating basis who will scribe the meeting, and distribute the minutes to the Committee as a whole.

The Vice-Chair of the IOAC will:

  • Assure that minutes for all meetings will be distributed as described below in Article VII.
  • Post an archived copy of all minutes to the University’s shared assessment site.
  • Chair meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Article VI, Meetings:

  • The Institutional Outcomes Assessment Committee (ACAD and ADMIN) will meet the 4th Tuesday of every month at 4 PM.

Article VII, Minutes:

Before the next scheduled meeting, minutes shall be circulated by the Chair of the Subcommittees (ACAD and ADMIN) to the following:

  • The Provost
  • Members of the Committee

Article VIII, Amendments:

As per the by-laws of the University governance system: General information, by-laws may be amended by a committee member at any meeting provided that:

  • The amendment has been proposed at a previous meeting.
  • The membership has been notified in advance that a decision on the Amendment will be made at the meeting.
  • Two-thirds of the members concur.
  • Amendments of by-laws passed by Committees other than the Faculty Senate are submitted for approval to the Faculty Senate. All changes in by-laws are finally approved by the President.

Updated September 6, 2023