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Clinical Site Procurement

Policy Name: Clinical Site Affiliations

Clinical site affiliations are established by the signing of an approved affiliation agreement between the College’s program director and the responsible party at the clinical affiliation site. Prior to the signing of the affiliation agreement, the proposed clinical site is vetted by the program director and clinical coordinator. An affiliation agreement must be executed with the proposed affiliate and the required verification of the proposed clinical preceptor’s, and other associated medical providers, credentials must be completed prior to utilization of the site for a clerkship, either required or elective.

Student Procurement of a Clinical Site Rotation
Students are not allowed to solicit any clinical site or preceptors. It is the responsibility of the program’s clinical coordinator to obtain, maintain, verify, and coordinate all clinical sites, as well as recruiting of the clinical preceptor.

Please note: If any student is asked to provide or solicit their own clinical site(s) or preceptor(s) student will report this immediately to the program director or the academic or clinical coordinator.