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CMSV 100 Email Canvas

CMSV 101 Student Files

CMSV 110 Faculty Medical Responsibilities

CMSV 201 Student Rights

CMSV 202 Dress Code

CMSV 203 Transcript

CMSV 204 Student Academic Grievances

CMSV 205 Drug Screening

CMSV 300 Professional Review Committee

CMSV 301 Academic Performance Committee

CMSV 302 Admission Criteria and Requirements

CMSV 303 Admission Assessment for Patient Care Experience

CMSV 305 Ethical and Legal Standards

CMSV 306 Guidelines for Ethical Conduct and Behavior

CMSV 307 Criminal Background Check

CMSV 308 Academic Integrity

CMSV 309 Academic Advisement

CMSV 310 Academic Prerequisites

CMSV 311 Academic Warning/Academic Probation

CMSV 312 Remediation

CMSV 313 Deceleration

CMSV 314 Incomplete Grades

CMSV 315 Grade Appeal Policy and Protocol

CMSV 316 Grading System

CMSV 317 Academic Dismissal

CMSV 318 Academic Dismissal Appeal Policy

CMSV 319 Classroom Attendance and Classroom Etiquette Policy

CMSV 320 Leave of Absence/Withdrawals/Resumption of Studies

CMSV 321 Health Policy and Immunizations

CMSV 322 Exposure/Needlestick/BBP Injury

CMSV 323 Student Academic/Clinical Evaluations

CMSV 324 Examination Policy

CMSV 326 Clinical Site Visits and Evaluations

CMSV 327 Standards of Progression Didactic Year


CMSV 329 Graduation Requirements

CMSV 330 Loss of Accreditation

CMSV 331 Emergency Response, Campus Security, and Crisis Management

CMSV 332 Fire Safety Policy

CMSV 333 Security and Personal Safety Measures

CMSV 334 Faculty Executive Committee

CMSV 335 Academic Curriculum Committee

CMSV 336 Clinical Curriculum Committee

CMSV 337 Data Analytic Committee

CMSV 338 Admission Committee

CMSV 339 Exposure to Infectious and Environmental Hazards Policy

CMSV 500 Student Counseling Center

CMSV 501 Crisis Intervention

CMSV 502 Student with Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodations

CMSV 503 Scholarship Opportunities

CMSV 600 Tuition Refunds

CMSV 601 Drugs and Alcohol

CMSV 602 Social Media

CMSV 603 Sexual Misconduct and Reporting

CMSV 604 Discrimination, Non-Sex Based Harassment, and Retaliation