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Program Goals

Goal 1
Prepare and develop within each student the core basic medical knowledge along with the clinical and critical thinking skills that will allow the graduates to function at an optimal level within the interprofessional healthcare delivery team as a competent and respected primary care provider.

Goal 2
Develop and nurture within each student the necessary cognitive understanding and technical skills that will allow the student to provide competent and quality healthcare to a culturally diverse and medically underserved population across the lifespan.

Goal 3
Cultivate collaborative patient care through integrated interprofessional training experiences.

Goal 4
Develop students that will possess enthusiasm, focused determination, and drive that will lead them to becoming self-directed, life-long learners who will utilize their critical thinking skills to advance their medical knowledge and growing their strong evaluative skills.

Goal 5
Provide a robust and diverse didactic/clinical curriculum with an emphasis on problem-based learning that will enhance the student’s academic knowledge, preparing them to excel within a clinical environment by developing the critical thinking skills needed to care for a culturally diverse patient population.

Goal 6
Recruit diverse and highly-qualified applicants who can successfully complete the College’s rigorous Master of Science Physician Assistant Program.

Goal 7
Develop students who will possess the commitment and desire to give back to their community, improving and enhancing the quality of life within the surrounding areas in which they will practice.

Goal 8
Provide academic and clinical experiences that will enhance students comfort and competency when caring for special populations.