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Director’s Welcome

Congratulations and welcome to the University of Mount Saint Vincent Master of Science Physician Assistant Program!

You are entering a profession that is experiencing an unprecedented expansion of employment opportunities available to all graduating physician assistant students. The salary structure, even for new graduates, is at unprecedented levels never seen before in our profession. All of you have begun your journey into a profession with endless opportunities, not only within the field of medicine, but also in the areas of academia, hospital, and governmental administration. Physician assistants now occupy many leadership positions within our society and our presence will only continue to grow as more quality professionals graduate and become leaders in their own right.

I know a great many of you may be wondering, what have I gotten myself into? Can I succeed? Do I have what it takes? All I can say to these questions is: “Faith in yourself is the best confidence booster.” Never doubt your abilities—nothing in life is unachievable if you have the heart and dedication to complete the task at hand, for then you will succeed. The only thing in life that is impossible is what you never attempt to accomplish.

The faculty and staff here at the University of Mount Saint Vincent were specifically chosen due to their long-history within the profession and their leadership qualities that have been sharpened throughout their careers. We are here to help you navigate through the program, we will guide you during the good times, and, if needed, we will guide you through the rough times. We are here to assist you, but more importantly, we are here to mentor you. Your success is our reward. The faculty and staff at the University of Mount Saint Vincent are dedicated to providing a high-quality educational program with experienced clinician educators and challenging clinical rotations.

As you walk around campus, take careful notice of your surroundings—you are part of an institution with a long history of educational excellence. Upon your graduation, you will continue this proud legacy, and as the initial graduating class, you will form the trunk of a very strong tree with branches reaching out in all directions that will have a positive and long-remembered impact within our profession.

Thank you, again, for placing your trust in our program.

Dr. Anthony J. Garofalo DPM, PA-C
Director | Physician Assistant Program