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Degree Requirements

Within the 120 credits required for the online BBA degree, students must complete 10 general education courses and 10 business core courses.

Required Courses

GNED 103 Professional Communication (3 credits)
GNED 104 Self, Society, and Institutions (3 credits)
GNED 105 Organizations, Organizational Behavior, and Systems Theory (3 credits)
GNED 204 Informed Use of Statistical Analysis (3 credits)
GNED 205 Technology, Information Exchange, and Social Transformations (3 credits)
GNED 304 Politics, Government, and Public Affairs (3 credits)
GNED 305 Interpersonal Relations, Diversity, and Multiculturalism (3 credits)
GNED 403 Globalization (3 credits)
GNED 404 Leadership and Literature (3 credits)
GNED 405 Ethics, Values, and the Common Good (3 credits)

Business Core Courses

Students must take the 10 courses offered in the business core, which provide a substantial overview of all business-related topics. Not all courses are offered every semester.

BBA 101 Management
BBA 102 Marketing
BBA 201 Accounting
BBA 202 Economics
BBA 203 Law
BBA 301 Finance
BBA 302 Operations Management
BBA 303 Human Resource Management
BBA 401 International Business
BBA 402 Business Strategy/Policy