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CMSV 204 Student Academic Grievances

Policy Name: Student Academic Grievances

The University of Mount Saint Vincent views students as an integral member of the diverse academic community. The College believes policies and practices that pertain specifically to student relations and services should reflect this important and vital aspect of student relations. All Mount Saint Vincent administrators, program directors, and faculty will strive to effectively ensure that this philosophy is implemented without bias.

It is recognized, however, that regardless of how well-intentioned people may be, complaints and misunderstandings are bound to arise in a community as large as ours.

It is the purpose of the Student Grievance Policy and Procedure to ensure that these disagreements are expressed, explored, and resolved promptly and confidentially.

Academic Grievance Procedure
All academic grievances, including dissatisfaction with a grade, must be addressed first to the faculty member, either principal or adjunct, the academic or clinical coordinator, and, finally, the program director. This chain of action in regard to an academic grievance must be followed prior to any resolution of the grievance. The program director will make the final determination as to the status of the academic grievance.

When all other means of resolving a problematic situation have been exhausted, with regard to the final determination of the program director, a student may request a grievance hearing for certain course related issues. Requests for a hearing should be made in writing to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College. Requests for grievance hearings on course-related decisions must be made as soon as possible.

The Grievance Committee
The Grievance Committee may consider matters with regard to allegations that a student is being graded unfairly in the classroom. The committee will only convene when all other means of resolving a problematic situation have been exhausted and one or more of the following apply:

  • A final grade is clearly inconsistent with grades earned over the course of the term in the same course.
  • Egregious computational errors are evident.
  • The actual evaluation measure and grading criteria were not clearly articulated in the course syllabus.

The decision of the Grievance Committee shall be binding subject only to veto by the Provost of the University of Mount Saint Vincent.

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