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Ad Lux

Toward the Light

The Ad Lux fundraising campaign was the most ambitious in the University’s history, with a goal to raise $42,000,000. These funds strengthened our ability to fulfill the University’s founding mission and offer exceptionally high-quality liberal arts education in the Catholic tradition to talented students of every background.

The University is dynamic, ambitious, and strong.

  • Enrollment has increased by 60% since the fall of 2000
  • A newly-revitalized core curriculum builds a breadth of analytical skills and the habits of critical thinking
  • An innovative career exploration and education program engages students from their first days at the University through graduation
  • Service learning, internship, and study abroad opportunities abound
  • Student-faculty research and the Honors Program continue to garner regional and national recognition
  • We sponsor a charter high school to provide exceptionally high-quality secondary education in the Bronx and as a laboratory for our teacher education students
  • The University’s science and nursing programs continue to earn competitive funding grants from prestigious sources, such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Through the College of Professional and Graduate Studies, the Mount offers adult students high-quality training and credentials for professional advancement

Trustees, faculty, students, and alumnae/i all agree. The University is an extraordinary place with an abiding mission. The Ad Lux campaign was more than a set of next-step goals. It is a summons to not only secure but to magnify the University’s future.

Through multi-year gifts, trustees, alumnae/i, and friends will set the foundation for the campaign’s success, and inspire others to follow their example. We invite you to consider how you will support the campaign, and join in securing a strong and vibrant future for the generations of Mount students to come.